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E.g., Wednesday, January 22, 2020
E.g., Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Sanskrit professor Smith joins in Gandhi Square protest

An unusual face, in an unusual setting. One that immediately stood out from the crowd. But Fred Smith considers himself more Indian that most. A professor of Sanskrit from the University of Iowa, USA, Smith was part of a 200-strong crowd which had gathered at Gandhi Square, Mysore, to protest social activist Anna Hazare’s arrest in Delhi. The dharna was led by Dr R Balasubramaniam, founder of the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement (SVYM).

UI Prof Joins Mysore Dharna

Prof Frederick Smith from the University of Iowa joined the dharna in Mysore. The professor, who specializes in Sanskrit studies, sat in a corner and joined agitators in reciting bhajans. “There is corruption in other parts of the world too. But the way people are protesting in India is something unique,” he said. He’s associated with the Vivekananda Institute for Leadership Development (V-LEAD), a unit of Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement founded by R Balasubramaniam and currently visiting India with students from the US.

An international do-si-do

By Lee Hermiston, The Press-Citizen

This week, hundreds of incoming international University of Iowa students will take English tests, meet with their academic advisers and attend sessions on American culture.

But first, they learned to do-si-do.

For at least 15 years, a...


Dave Bess’ wanderlust takes him to Iowa City and beyond

The following article spotlights Dave Bess, a UI graduate who studied abroad in Italy and went on to form the band Public Property. Bess explains how traveling and studying at the UI and abroad influenced his music.

By Stephanie Wise, The Iowa City Press-Citizen

Dave Bess has a...


Ni Hao, Iowa City! Part Two

Chinese students are coming to study at the University of Iowa in increasing numbers. In part two of this story, Guannan Huang spoke with some of these students to find out the difficulties they’ve had adapting to American culture.

By Stephen Schmidt, Iowa City Patch...


Ni Hao, Iowa City! Part One

Chinese students are coming to study at the University of Iowa in increasing numbers. In part one of this story, Guannan Huang speaks with some of these students to find out why, and what they think of Iowa City.

By Guannan Huang, Iowa City Patch...


Carnivale gets its due downtown

By Rob Daniel, The Press-Citizen

Carnivale in Trinidad and other parts of the Caribbean is a mixture of different cultures coming together to celebrate, bringing together elements such as French foxes, Spanish horses and African spiders.

Another part of the party can be a Chinese...


On the Corps Path

Fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy signed an executive order establishing the Peace Corps as a way to help people in developing countries; within six months the first group of volunteers was deployed. Half a century—and more than 200,000 volunteers—later, little about the independent government agency has changed.

Cuts to Federal International Education Programs

Unprecedented cuts were made by Congress to International Education and Foreign Language Studies for the current fiscal year. While a $50 million reduction may not seem terribly large in the context of a federal budget of more than $3 trillion, this particular cut amounts to a 40% decrease in funding for these areas, affecting U.S. Department of Education programs in particular.

Sudanese UI students welcome country’s secession

Following a shaky six-year peace agreement, the birth of the Republic of South Sudan is the final stage in the hopes of ending decades of war. And for University of Iowa student Grace Nyoma, the separation is a welcome change. “This is the best thing that could of happened for Sudan,” she said.

Student Reflections on Race and Ethnicity: Study Abroad in Beijing (video)

In this video, Rochelle Liu talks about her study abroad experience in Beijing, China. She was able to connect to her extended Chinese family, fulfill requirements for her Chinese minor, and feed her sense of adventure by zip-lining off the Great Wall of China. Liu advises students to be open minded of other cultures and learn to appreciate your host country’s history and people.

‘Zeitoun’ selected for 2011 ‘One Community, One Book’

From Dave Eggers’ book “Zeitoun” is the 2011 selection for “One Community, One Book,” a project sponsored by the UI Center for Human Rights ( UICHR ) that promotes learning about human rights in the United States and the world through literature.

Perspectives: Think "Glocal"

This commentary by Karen Jenkins is from Diverse: Issues in Higher Education. Jenkins is executive director of the African Studies Association at Rutgers University.