Every Iowan needs to be globally competent in order to understand, compete and enjoy life in the 21st century. International experiences are just around the corner when you connect with International Programs at the University of Iowa.

From culture kits for schools, to training Iowa's elementary and secondary school teachers on building a global classroom, we offer a wide range of community and classroom programs.

K-12 Classroom Programs

IP offers multiple programs geared towards the primary and secondary school community to promote global learning.

  • The Global Education Institute for Teachers is a professional development workshop for Iowa K-12 teachers that focuses on an international theme or topic.
  • Culture Kits include an assortment of materials from over 70 countries from around the world. The kits are a good resource to use as an introduction to a geography or social studies unit as the materials will help students visualize a particular country or region. Country flags are also available.

Community Connections

The Iowa City area is home to other organizations that promote international connections.

students at Chinese New Year celebration eating noodles

International Education Week

International Education Week celebrates the many ways international education and exchange opportunities prepare citizens for community building in both national and international settings.

The International Impact Award recognizes distinguished alumni and other individuals with significant ties to the UI who have made important contributions internationally or, in the case of international alumni, abroad in their home countries. The award is presented in November, during International Education Week, in a public ceremony.

The Global Student Award recognize one undergraduate and one graduate student who are leaders deeply engaged in international education on campus or abroad. International education advances learning and scholarship; builds understanding and respect among different peoples; and enhances constructive leadership in the global community. The award is presented in November, in conjunction with International Education Week.

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