Prior Approval for Travel to High-Risk Areas Required for Student Travelers

The U.S. Department of State assigns a travel advisory rating for each country. If your destination country is under a U.S. Department of State travel advisory with an overall risk rating of 3 (reconsider travel) or 4 (do not travel), and if you still wish to pursue your travel plans despite the risks indicated in the warning or alert, please contact International Programs at to discuss your proposed travel plans. The International Programs Travel Advisory Committee will need to review your proposed plans. This review committee includes representatives from International Programs, Risk Management and General Counsel. Student proposals for travel to any location with a level 4 (do not travel) rating or a level 3 (reconsider travel) rating will be considered case-by-case.

Petitioning for High-Risk Travel

To petition to travel to a high-risk destination with a level 3 or 4 rating from the U.S. Department of State, you are expected to:

  1. Fill out a High-Risk Destination form:
  2. If you are a student, fill out and sign a travel risk waiver.
  3. Email the High Risk Destination petition and the waiver (if applicable) to The travel advisory committee will consider the proposal.
  4. If travel is approved:

Without receiving prior approval from the International Programs Travel Advisory Committee, students will not be able to transfer credit, register for study abroad, participate in university-affiliated travel, or use university-based funding for travel to a country under a U.S. DOS travel advisory with a high risk rating of 3 or 4.

In addition, UI International Programs/Study Abroad scholarship funding for high-risk level 3 or 4 destinations will not be released without approval from the review committee. If approval for travel is not granted prior to departure for a destination under a U.S. DOS level 3 or 4 advisory, any UI funding received for international travel will be revoked and UI travel registration and insurance will not be processed for that destination. Depending on the source, it may be possible to work with a funding organization to adjust travel plans to utilize the funds in a destination not under a U.S. DOS level 3 or 4 advisory.

Travel Advisories Issued After Student Departure

Should a U.S. Department of State level 3 or 4 travel advisory be issued while a student is already in the subject country, the International Programs Travel Advisory Committee will convene to assess the situation and make appropriate recommendations and decisions based on concerns for the safety and security of student participants. Depending on the situation, the review committee may recommend immediate departure and suspension of the program (if applicable).