If you receive financial aid and/or a UI scholarship, you should be aware of the following:

  • For federal financial aid, be sure you have filed all the necessary financial aid papers:
    • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) plus all supporting documentation
    • Promissory notes for all loans you accept
    • Entrance Counseling form if you are a first-time loan borrower
  • Register in the appropriate ABRD course in MyUI, according to the instructions given by your Study Abroad Advisor.
    • Semester Programs: Full-time undergraduate students must be enrolled for and complete at least 12 s.h. to be eligible for semester financial aid.
    • Summer Programs: Undergraduate students must be enrolled for and complete at least 6 s.h. to be eligible for summer financial aid.
    • Winter Programs: Costs will be added to Fall semester, financial aid usually limited to Pell Grants/Federal Direct Loans (if maximum limits not met).
  • Authorize Direct Deposit of financial aid refunds through MyUI (Study Records/Bank Information- Refund Account)
  • You are strongly encouraged to give a parent or other responsible adult power of attorney to sign legal documents on your behalf while you are abroad. You must specifically authorize this person to sign promissory notes for educational loans in order for the Direct Loan Servicing Center to accept his or her signature on a loan note.

Receiving Your Financial Aid

Study Abroad charges for UI-sponsored programs will include the Study Abroad Admin Fee and applicable program fees. Financial aid will be applied toward study abroad charges on your U-bill with any excess refunded to the student. The earliest financial aid can be disbursed to U-Bill charges is 10 days prior to the start of your classes; any funds to be refunded to students (as financial aid refunds) will be processed on the date program begins. Actual access to funds is subject to individual financial institution practices.

UI Programs

The Office of Student Financial Aid works closely with Study Abroad to facilitate the disbursement of financial aid toward the cost of UI study abroad programs. After the program’s application deadline, Financial Aid will adjust participants' financial aid packages to reflect the cost of the program and notify students by e-mail when the adjustments are complete.

Students on summer or winter programs will need to contact the Financial Aid office to determine their eligibility for financial aid. The Summer Financial Aid Application is available via MyUI; the winter application is on the Office of Student Financial Aid website Winter Financial Aid Application. If you have Financial Aid questions, counselors are available via Zoom.

Contact Information

For additional information, including in-person and Zoom drop-in hours and other contact information, please see the Financial Aid office contact us page.

Non-UI Programs

For study abroad programs sponsored by other institutions, you must meet with an advisor in Study Abroad, please schedule an appointment by calling 319-335-0353. Your advisor will help you complete a Credit Approval Form that includes your proposed plan of study. After your academic advisors sign the form, bring it to the Office of Student Financial Aid, see location information above. The walk-in counselor will also need contact information for the program (person, address, phone, fax, e-mail).

The counselor will determine if you are eligible to receive financial aid and if so, will initiate a consortium agreement with the host school. Typically it takes at least three weeks to process a consortium agreement with the host school. Financial aid cannot be disbursed to you without this agreement.

Note: Consortium agreements can be made with some, but not all foreign universities. Double-check with the Office of Student Financial Aid.

If you receive financial aid for study abroad, the classes you take abroad must transfer back to the UI and count toward your degree. It is your responsibility to provide an official transcript to the Study Abroad office (1111 UCC, University of Iowa, Iowa City IA 52242). You will not be able to graduate until a transcript is received.

These instructions were prepared by the Office of Student Financial Aid. If you have any additional questions about the procedures for applying financial aid toward the cost of participating in a study abroad program, contact a Counselor at the Office of Student Financial Aid, Phone: 319-335-1450; Phone hours: 8:00 am - 4:15 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; 10:00 am - 4:15 pm, Wednesday.