The International Programs Faculty Advisory Council shall be composed of the Associate Provost and Dean of IP, thirteen UI faculty members, and a representative nominated by the Vice President for Research. Eleven of the thirteen members of the faculty shall be nominated by the deans of each of the eleven UI colleges and appointed by the Dean. The remaining two Council members will be drawn from IP's constituent thematic and area studies centers and programs, and are appointed by the dean.


  1. To advise the Associate Provost and Dean on the UI's global strategies
  2. To recommend policies and initiatives designed to strengthen the University’s internationally oriented teaching, research, creative work and community engagement
  3. To serve as a communication network and to provide direction for existing or potential cross-collegiate international activities and initiatives
  4. To confer with and assist the Associate Provost and Dean in the formulation of the academic agenda, policies, procedures, and activities of IP.
  5. To propose a topic for and to plan the annual retreat of IP-appointed faculty members, and to plan other events designed to involve faculty in intellectual exchange and information sharing around international or global topics.
  6. To recommend appointments (by vote) of IP-affiliated faculty members (adjunct and courtesy appointments) and to ensure faculty involvement in international teaching, research, and outreach is recognized.
  7. To conduct such other business as may be assigned to it, except that it shall not assume or be asked to assume authority on any matter clearly delegated elsewhere
  8. To confer with the Provost whenever a new Associate Provost and Dean is to be appointed


Shelly Campo, Graduate College
Daniel Caplan, Preventive & Community Dentistry
Cynthia Chou, Anthropology
Jeff Dawson, Public Health
Dimy Doresca, Management & Organizations
Meenakshi Gigi Durham, Journalism & Mass Communication
Russ Ganim, International Programs
Kelly Kadera, Political Science
Doug Lee, International Programs
Gary Milavetz, Applied Clinical Sciences
Kristy Nabhan-Warren, OVPR
Anita Nicholson, College of Nursing
Angie Reams, Dean of Students
Peter Snyder, Cardiology
Sarah Vigmostad, College of Engineering
Pamela Wesley, College of Education
Adrien Wing, College of Law