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Program Evaluation

Once you return from abroad, please take a few moments and fill out the program evaluation form. Feedback from you is important and helps us better advise future students and make important program decisions. 

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Share your story!

Have you returned from an experience abroad? Share your stories and photos with us!

Reverse Culture Shock

Re-adjusting to life in the U.S. can be difficult. This is the time when you learn that “reverse culture shock” is a real phenomenon. 

It is an emotional and psychological stage of re-adjustment. Similar to when you went abroad, it took time to adapt to the new culture you were living in, it may take time to acclimate to home. You may feel restless, bored, and even “reverse homesickness”. 

Check out the video to the right and an article from Diversity Abroad - they may help you make sense of it all!  

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.  Check back later for future events.

UI Study Abroad hosts events every semester open to all returning study abroad students. These events give students the opportunity to reflect personally on their study abroad experience, mingle with other returned students, and develop techniques to leverage their study abroad experience for professional advancement. Any student who has studied abroad is welcome to attend our returnee events regardless of how many semesters have passed. Please keep an eye on your email and the events calendar for more information!


Opportunities for Graduating Seniors

If you want to continue exploring the world after you graduate, we've done a little research for you already. From teaching English abroad to careers in the government and with NGOs, the sky's the limit!