Programs exist that are available to J-1 scholars and/or their J-2 spouses to improve English language skills while here at the University of Iowa.

Campus Conversation Partners

Campus Conversation Partners is a program sponsored by the University of Iowa ESL Programs that pairs non-native-English-speaking students, scholars, and staff with native or near-native English-speaking members of the University faculty and staff for one-on-one, informal conversation in English.

Iowa Intensive English Program

Located in Iowa City, Iowa, The University of Iowa Intensive English Program (IIEP) provides intensive full-time English instruction and a cultural, social, and academic orientation to the United States. Instruction emphasizes spoken and written English crucial to college and university study in the U.S. Grammar, writing, reading, listening, comprehension, pronunciation, and conversation skills are taught each day at all levels.

ESL Classes for Non-Students

The University of Iowa ESL Programs offers a course on "Communication Skills for Professionals" as well as a free summer program for the spouses and adult family members of University of Iowa students.

Kirkwood English Language Classes

Free non-credit English language classes are available through Kirkwood with both morning and evening hours.

International Women’s Club

Informal English classes are available through the International Women’s Club.