Contact Mary Paterson in the IP Business Office ( if other UI colleges or departments are providing financial support.  Mary will track all funding sources for your project. We will also need a confirmation by e-mail from the contributing party so there are no disputes afterwards. Make sure to notify the events team of those commitments as well:

Daniel Vorwerk
Event and Communication Project Specialist
International Programs, 1111-16 UCC
Phone (319) 467-1619

Additional Resources

Accounting forms


Purchases and Vendor Payments


Communications and Relations staff promote International Programs and all of its affiliated units, academic programs/centers/networks, and affiliated community and student groups. This is accomplished through a variety of communications media including the Web, listservs, posters, and other print and online vehicles.

If would like assistance publicizing your IP-sponsored event, please see our Event Publicity Form.

IP and UI Events Calendars

IP Communications and Relations staff manage the IP online calendar on the IP website. Contact Amy Green or submit an event here. We can also put your event on the UI Events Calendar.

IP-Announcement Listserv

IP Communications and Relations staff moderate the IP-announcement listserv, which reaches more than 300 UI faculty, staff, students and members of the general public interested in international lectures, symposia, conferences, and other special events with an international focus or flavor.

If you would like to send a message through this listserv, we encourage you to initiate the message process on your own—you do not need to work through the IP Communications and Relations team at this point. The address is  After you initiate the message, it will come to our staff for approval and we will get in touch with you if there’s a problem.  If you desire further explanation about this process, please contact Amy Green.

International Accents

International Accents, our online journal, is a dynamic communications vehicle that is regularly updated and, with the addition of audio and video clips, provides an interactive experience for the reader.  IP communications staff are eager to learn of your achievements and those of your students, colleagues, research partners and others so that we can prepare online articles, videotaped or audio taped interviews, and other such materials to share more widely the good work emerging from International Programs.  We also want to publicize your upcoming events and speakers and have made a home in International Accents for commentary, essays, and reflections.  Please contact us with any and all ideas you may have!

Website support

IP Communications and Relations staff can provide general support for editing and adding content updates to IP-affiliated sites. For more information, contact Katie Ron.

Public programming opportunities

IP Communications and Relations helps facilitate events sponsored by IP’s member groups but also originates many public programs throughout the year which offer opportunities for faculty, staff, students, and members of the community to exchange ideas and expose the international work happening here at the University of Iowa.  The IP Communications and Relations staff produce WorldCanvass. The public is encouraged to attend the event, which is recorded for later distribution as an audio podcast. Please contact Joan Kjaer for additional information.

Building Our Global Community certificate program creates an opportunity for University of Iowa faculty and staff to learn about the experiences of international students and scholars, and methods they can use to foster skills for working with, and awareness of, our increasingly intercultural campus community. To earn a Building Our Global Community certificate, participants must register for, and attend, the Introduction to Building Our Global Community core course and at least four elective courses. All courses taken for the program are free of charge and fill on a first-come, first-served basis.

The International Programs Events Coordination Office is responsible for working with faculty and staff in the management of special projects and academic programs that are funded or otherwise supported by International Programs.   Our office assists participating faculty and staff members in coordinating and planning events for International Programs, including conferences, visiting scholar programs, lectures, and projects.

International Programs can also assist with event publicity.  If you would like assistance, please submit our Event Publicity Form at least three weeks before the event date.

We also provide administrative support for IP funded faculty travelhonorarium payments and assist with purchasing and reimbursements for IP academic program and special projects events.


  • Set up travel reimbursements or purchasing reimbursements
  • Submit honorarium payment paperwork for visiting faculty
  • Make travel arrangements for visiting faculty (arrange airfare, hotel and airport shuttle reservations)
  • Make travel arrangements for event-sponsoring unit directors
  • Make room reservations for events
  • Order catering for events
  • Assist with the set up of the room during office hours. Unfortunately, Events staff will not be able to remain on site for events taking place in the evening, weekend and holidays. This means alternative arrangements will need to be made for clean-up and technical support.

Additional Resources

Food at Events

International Commons Conference Room


Daniel Vorwerk
Event and Communication Project Specialist
International Programs, 1111-16 UCC
Phone (319) 467-1619

The IP Grants Office can offer assistance with a variety of tasks associated with the grant process. As soon as you begin thinking about a proposal or project, contact our office to discuss how IP might support your efforts. We are interested in helping IP faculty and staff develop proposals for external funding in support of their research, teaching, and service goals, especially those related to the mission of International Programs. The IP Grants Office can also help you identify appropriate sources of external funding for individual projects.


If you need to acquire a visa for international travel, we recommend the CIBT Visas.



For information about immunizations, please consult the UIHC Travel Medicine Clinic:

Travel Medicine Clinic

Travelers' Health

For information on travel notices and travelers’ health, please visit the CDC website:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention