To ensure we produce high-quality materials and deliver effective marketing services for your event, this form is due a minimum of five weeks before your event is scheduled to allow the IP Communications & Relations (C&R) team to provide our full suite of services to publicize your event. 

  • If this form is submitted between three to five weeks before your event, the C&R team will provide limited services to support your event. A member of our team will contact you if this is the case.

  • We are unable to assist in promoting an event if this form is submitted less than three weeks before the event date.

All details for your event are required at the time you submit this form. If some details are missing, we ask that you wait to submit the form until all details are solidified. If an incomplete form is submitted, a member of our team will inform you that we cannot begin work on your materials until all the details are submitted. We are unable to begin creation of publicity materials until we have all the required information below.

Before scheduling your event, please check for conflicts with: 

  • Current Event Information
  • Graphic Design Materials
  • Marketing Details
  • Complete
We are unable to assist in promoting an event occurring within three weeks of today's date.
Is the event open to the public?
Do you plan to ask guests to pay a fee to attend the event?
Event Format
Do you plan to ask guests to pre-register for the event?

If your event is virtual and you plan to record it, University policy states that all public facing videos must be closed captioned. The University of Iowa has a contract with for this service, which costs approximately $1.50/minute. International Programs staff can send the video to Rev, who will return a draft caption file typically within one week. The draft will be shared with event organizers, who are required to review and edit the captions for accuracy. Once captions are approved/finalized, International Programs staff will add these to the video and share the captioned video with event organizers. If event organizers prefer to independently arrange for closed captions, we ask that you share the captioned video with International Programs when complete.

Do you have a plan in place to record your event? (please refer to language above) *
Would you like International Programs staff to submit the video to


Event Details

The details below will be used to create graphic design publicity materials and/or used in the copy text of event calendar listings and news stories.


Tip: this is your chance to “sell” your event. We recommend using everyday language to convey two things to the reader: 1) what to expect from the event (e.g., speakers, topics, format, etc.), and 2) why the event might interest the reader. 
(NOTE: This information will be listed in case an event attendee needs accommodations in order to attend, and will be made publicly available on advertising for this event so should be a University of Iowa email and phone number.)