This webpage is for UI faculty and staff members who have interest in or questions about being a host to a Fulbright Visiting Scholar. The site also provides a brief summary about the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program along with information to assist faculty members and their departments in determining if they would like to be a Fulbright Host Institution. 

Note: The decision to host a Fulbright Visiting Scholar is left up to the individual department where the scholar will be housed during the award period.

About the Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program

The Fulbright Visiting Scholar Program is one example of a program under the Fulbright umbrella that offers opportunities for international scholars to apply for temporary placements in the U.S. This program, offered in over 100 different countries, provides international scholars award opportunities to continue research and/or teaching projects specific to their field of expertise at a U.S. host institution. Similar programs exist for international graduate students. Throughout the program’s history, the UI has hosted Fulbright Visiting Scholars in departments all across campus. As part of these programs, the Fulbright will arrange all of the appropriate visas and paperwork for the scholar, and in most cases will cover the costs and reimbursements for the scholar’s time in the U.S.

Potential visiting scholars would be responsible for applying to the appropriate programs offered through their home countries. As part of this process, an applicant may be required to provide a contact name of both a faculty and institutional host. The application may also require a formal Host Invitation Letter (see below for more information regarding the letter.)

Requests to be a Faculty and Departmental/Institutional Host for a Fulbright Visiting Scholar

Questions often arise when a faculty member is asked to be a host by an international scholar. Often the scholar is someone the faculty member knows personally or is someone referred to them by a colleague. Regardless of the circumstances, the faculty member will want to assess the scholar’s credentials and interest in the UI to determine if they are interested in being a Faculty Host. If there is interest, faculty members will need to work with their DEO to obtain approval and support to proceed as hosting department.

Responsibilities of Hosting Faculty Members and Departments

For more details on what it means to be a Faculty and Departmental Host please see this document prepared by International Programs covering the responsibilities of the faculty member and department host as well as International Programs’ role.

Informing International Programs: If a department agrees to host a Fulbright Visiting Scholar, the faculty host should inform Michael Bortscheller, associate director, International Student & Scholar Services at in International Programs. This is helpful because if a Fulbright is awarded there will be paperwork that International Programs will need to prepare and sign on behalf of the UI. (see below)

Preparing a Host Invitation Letter

Reminder: Whether a host invitation letter is requested or not, it is always important for the faculty member and department to create a written record of any agreement made to host a Fulbright Visiting Scholar. This will help refresh memories over the passage of time and in the event of any personnel changes.

Awarded Fulbright Visiting Scholars

When a faculty member/department is notified that a Fulbright has been awarded to the Visiting Scholar, the Fulbright Program will require that an Institutional Request Form (IRF) be completed and signed by the host institution. At this phase the UI has arranged for International Programs to complete and sign this form. The form typically also requires the signature of the named host faculty member.

If you receive the IRF directly from the scholar or the program officer, please forward the form to Michael Bortscheller, associate director, International Student & Scholar Services at

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to contact Michael Bortscheller, associate director, International Student & Scholar Services at