Chinese Commencement Broadcasts: December 2014

On Saturday, Dec. 20, the University of Iowa streamed two special commencement ceremonies featuring commentary in Chinese: the Undergraduate Commencement and the College of Engineering commencement. Watch these videos on our website now.
Brooke Axness at Lions Head in South Africa

The Challenges of Study Abroad

Living in another country is definitely an experience that plummets you into the unknown. Everything you’re used to is completely turned upside down. It’s a scary, yet freeing feeling that creates independence at a whole new level.

4 differences between life in the U.S. and South Africa

Moving to Africa is a big enough change all on its own, but the day-to-day differences are definitely the ones that are the hardest to get used to. Here are a few differences I have really noticed in my daily life here in South Africa...

College life in China vs. America

Recently, I got a phone call from one of my best friends since high school. She lives in China and attends university in Beijing. After our chat, I started thinking about the differences between college life for a Chinese student here and in China. As an international student, I love my life in Iowa City and the American opportunities I have to experience. Still, I embrace my Chinese roots.

American and Chinese Parenting Styles

Article from the China Daily newspaper about the differences between American and Chinese parenting styles.