CIMBA graduates with UI and CIMBA faculty and administrators

Dean's Message: Summer Updates

Dean Ganim discusses his recent trip to Kosovo, and CIMBA's graduation ceremony that took place in Iowa City for the first time since COVID began.
Russ Kosovo trip

UI delegation to Kosovo yields stronger ties and advances plans for USAID grant application

In the most recent Iowa delegation trip to Kosovo, UI representative Russ Ganim, associate provost and dean of International Programs, visited multiple partner universities and advanced plans for a large grant application through USAID. 
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In the news: Mandela fellows return to University of Iowa

‘They will be Iowa’s ambassadors to Africa’
Sam Longo on top of Capri in Italy

Global internships, a high-impact educational experience for UI student, Sam Longo

Sam Longo is a University of Iowa student majoring in marketing management and anticipated to graduate in May 2023. She is currently completing a global internship abroad as a production management intern with the company, Social Reporters, located in Milan, Italy.
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Korean Studies to host lecture on Beijing's Koreatown, Sept. 2

The Korean Studies Research Network and International Programs will present a virtual lecture by guest speaker Sharon J. Yoon entitled "The Cost of Belonging: An Ethnography of Solidarity and Mobility in Beijing’s Koreatown" on Friday, September 2, from 12:00 - 1:30 p.m. (CDT), via Zoom. 
Global Education Institute 2022

Global Education Institute for Teachers continues its success

The Global Education Institute for Teachers, co-organized by UI International Programs (IP) and the Stanley Center for Peace and Security, is an annual professional development workshop for Iowa's K-12 teachers of all disciplines that focuses on international topics and issues of critical importance.
Gabriela Rivera

IP resumes in-person multilingual commencement narrations

As COVID cases slowed down in spring 2022, IP decided to resume in-person recordings for this project, and the decision was well received by the international student population on campus.
With school administrators at the Senegalese American Bilingual School in Dakar

Dean's Message: Trip to Senegal

Dean Ganim discusses the highlights of his recent trip to Senegal and other ways we're developing relationships this summer.
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Missing Central America

I am missing Central America! Since being home, things have just seemed EASY-- like everyone speaking the same language, top-notch infrastructure, etc... a little shock after three months gone. Being surrounded by nature and the KINDEST people, along with the challenge of navigating everyday life in a foreign place is what I miss most! I felt like I was always learning and growing from the locals.
group photo of Sam Longo and colleagues after a day of filming a commercial

Global internships, high-impact educational experiences for UI students

The global internship program at the university has long existed to provide students a path to earn academic credit toward their degree while immersing themselves in a new culture, acquiring skills, attaining personal growth, and exploring possible career paths.