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E.g., Wednesday, August 21, 2019
E.g., Wednesday, August 21, 2019
Stretch your legs and make friends with the hill. That’s my strategy. Here you see the plaza below Calle Mackenna. Down there you might find an 80-year-old man hurling an entire cow carcass into the butcher shop. You might find groups of “punking” (pronou

My walk home

My daily loaf of bread and the cheese and shrimp empanadas are catching up to me. It seems I’m getting a nice little tummy. However, my legs have never been stronger. This is because I am lucky enough to live in Cerro (hill) Yungay, one of Valparaíso’s 42 cerros. It’s generally quiet, covered in art, and has a great view of that big blue thing over there we call the Pacific Ocean. Cerro Yungay is run by groups of friendly multi-colored cats and overweight happy pups who come and go from house to house as they please. For this post I want to show the short, but oh so steep climb from the base of my street to my house. I will do so with photos…
clear day

Beijing: The City of Lights?

In my high school French class, I recall learning about Paris’ arrondissements, or administrative districts, that circumvent the city. Following my freshman year at the University of Iowa, I spent a small portion of my summer break traveling in China. Of the mere two weeks I spent in China, one week was spent in Beijing. I remember noting the circular metro lines, regarding them as an inconvenience when trying to travel from a stop on one end of the rounded track to another.

In the news: Embracing Complexity project seeks to undermine 'us vs. them' dichotomy

The world, I think we can agree, is a complicated place. Unfortunately, it seems much of our current dialogue about important issues seeks to minimize those complications, seeking instead to divide us with overly simple dichotomies. We’re facing a moment where we are called to resist the dangerous notion of “us vs. them” — where “them” is some groups that get marginalized even while being undeniably part of “us.”
Photo of the Mittal family

International Parents of the Year 2017 - Meenu and Suresh Mittal

International Student and Scholar Services is happy to announce the recipients of the 2017 International Parents of the Year award, Meenu and Suresh Mittal of India. The Mittals were nominated by their son, Sanjay, who previously received his Master of Business Administration with distinction in 2015 and is now a graduate student in the Master of Accountancy program in the Tippie College of Business at the University of Iowa.
Lilian Sanchez

"Bridging Domestic and Global Diversity" influences UISG Vice President's platform

University of Iowa Student Government (UISG) Vice President Lilian Sanchez was originally drawn to UISG after realizing the potential for positive change to improve lives for students on campus. “I love living in Iowa City and attending the university because of its wide range of programming, both on and off campus,” she said. “A sense of community is very important to me and I find that here. My love for the University of Iowa community led me to want to give back in any way.”

My top 10 pre-departure travel tips

Being 9 days, 19 hours, and 57 minutes out from my departure for Greece, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my preparation. I have been talking about my Greece adventure since last January! This preparation process has been quite different than what I expected. But, I can honestly say that I learned more about myself, my plans, and my priorities. Here I have compiled 10 tips that I would give to someone who is starting to prepare to go abroad

Study abroad hosts Sept. 28 info session on New Zealand

Learn about New Zealand’s beautiful culture and academic offerings at Victoria University of Wellington. Meet a local representative from Victoria and learn how you can make your dream of studying in New Zealand a reality at an upcoming info session Thursday, September 28 from 1:30-2:30 p.m. in room 1124 University Capitol Centre.

September 29 WorldCanvass to focus on Islamic art and culture

WorldCanvass starts its ninth season by teaming up with Hancher and its Embracing Complexity project for a multi-layered program exploring the beauty of Islamic art and the diversity within Islamic cultures. Joan Kjaer hosts the program, which moves to a new location in the heart of downtown Iowa City—MERGE, at 136 South Dubuque Street. The live show takes place from 5:30-7 p.m. on Friday, September 29, and is free and open to the public. We invite you to come at 5 and join us for a pre-show catered reception!

Student Reflection on Identity Abroad: Watch and Be Watched

Every time I go to downtown, getting in and out of underground metro stations, I know this is Paris. Paris was once a name of romance in my mind. I got that stereotype from movies, music, and fashion, like everybody else. However, the opportunity of studying abroad here gave me the chance to learn about Paris. In Marais, the downtown district consisted of Center Pompidou, numerous gay and lesbian bars and boutiques, I saw individuals, who wear their own hair, their own clothing, especially females. Young girls, a black woman with a huge hat and a colorful long tight dress, madams with gray hair but exquisite make-ups. I would follow them and I can’t move my eyes off from them. I feel touched.
One of the several courtyards and three of the many tourists at the beautiful monastery in Melk.

Temporarily Viennese

Hello all! For those of whom may be reading this and have not yet had the pleasure of making my acquaintance, my name is Bailie and I’ll be writing to you from Vienna, Austria for the duration of this semester! I’ll be studying alongside hundreds of exchange students from across the globe at the Vienna University of Business and Economics, better known as WU.
Photo of Jose Diaz

Q&A with José Diaz about his study abroad experience in London

José Diaz (B.B.A. finance '17) studied abroad in London through the Undergraduate International Business study abroad program. To help fund his study abroad experience, Diaz applied for and received several scholarships, including the Diversity Ambassador Scholarship. After graduating from the University of Iowa, Diaz started his dream job at JP Morgan Chase in Chicago as a corporate analyst – a job he feels his study abroad experience helped him land.

One abroad

I read Elizabeth Bishop’s poem “One Art” in my freshman gen-ed literature class at the University of Iowa. The refrain in this poem has since resurfaced in my life, culminating in my plans to study in China for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Student Reflection on Identity Abroad: Overcoming Challenges

My name is Mary Harkleroad and I am an undergraduate biomedical engineering student here at the University of Iowa. I participated in the CIMBA program located in Northern Italy at the Istituto Filippin. I was the first person in my family to study abroad as well as being the first to attend college. Needless to say, my family and myself were very skeptical about studying abroad at first. College alone provides many financial and personal challenges but applying the same concepts and adding in a whole new country is difficult to wrap your mind around. But it doesn’t have to be.
Diversity Ambassador Faradis Lindblom

Student Reflections on Race and Ethnicity Abroad: Fitting In as a Foreigner

With my tan skin, Arabic first name and Finnish last name, I get asked a lot of questions about my identity in the U.S. Almost every time I am introduced to someone new, I can guarantee I will be asked “What is your nationality?” or “Where are your parents from?” And although I understand that most people mean well and are just curious, there are times that I can’t help but feel out of place in my home country and even home state of Iowa.