Monday, August 8, 2022

International Programs has long existed to support the success of students and scholars studying at the university or abroad. The support International Programs provides, though, extends to faculty as well, as International Programs works to shape and guide the University of Iowa’s role as a leading international institution serving Iowa and the world. By providing funding opportunities and grant-writing assistance for UI faculty engaged in international research, partnerships, and other activities, International Programs is invested in the success that faculty have in their respective field. Funding opportunities offered through International Programs specifically is supported in whole or in part through the generous contributions of the Stanley-UI Foundation Support Organization.

Helping faculty at the university engage in their global research initiatives through the support of academic centers, programs, and networks, and the financial support of multiple faculty funding awards, International Programs is able to continue its mission to connect Iowans with the world and the world with Iowa.

“IP’s support of faculty research supports the University of Iowa’s research mission on a global scale,” said Russ Ganim, associate provost and dean of International Programs. “Funding from our office enables faculty to pursue their scholarship abroad, to connect with colleagues at international institutions of higher learning, and to burnish Iowa’s reputation as a leader in the generation of knowledge worldwide.”

IP Faculty FUnding Opportunities 

Faculty funding opportunities through International Programs include:

Center for Asian and Pacific Studies Award (up to $3,000)
A faculty research award for those conducting research on East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific region.


Global Curriculum Development Award (up to $3,000)
A faculty award to create a new undergraduate course, or substantially revise an existing course, to integrate international or global perspectives into an undergraduate major.


Global Research Partnership Awards (up to $10,000)
An award intended to help initiate new or expand existing international partnerships and/or to build an institutional relationship to facilitate future joint research projects.

“This grant provided the funding to conduct the research in Togo, West Africa, supporting a Togo-based field team in conducting the interviews, as well as the transcription and translation of the interview data. The funding also supported a student research assistant's participation in the project who is now coming to the University of Iowa as a first-year medical student in fall 2022.”

  • Elissa Faro, research assistant professor of internal medicine - general internal medicine in the Carver College of Medicine, in 2021

Discussions about Korean Aesthetics, Presenting at the International Conference “Build Bridges: Korean Philosophy in the World,” the Participants walking across the campus of SKKU
Dobin Choi and others in discussions about Korean Aesthetics while presenting at the International Conference “Build Bridges: Korean Philosophy in the World" in South Korea in 2022

International Travel Awards (up to $1,200)
Supports international travel for research, creative activity, and active conference participation or other collaborative activity.

“I presented a paper on a panel titled, “On the Inadequacy of ‘Sport Media’ in Critical Media Studies”. I would not have been able to attend the conference without the aid of the Stanley International Travel Award.”

  • Thomas Oates, associate professor and chair of the Department of American Studies, to travel to the Czech Republic in 2018

Because of the recent global inflation, my budget for this research trip was very tight. Airfare was almost doubled, and so did the expense of accommodation. Thanks to this award, I could concentrate only on my research project during my ten-day stay. Especially, this funding enabled me to save lots of time and energy. Thanks to this support for the expenses of transportation and accommodation, I could stay close, and move swiftly, to the institutes and facilities that I planned to visit for my field works and search for academic resources in the megacity of Seoul.”

  • Dobin Choi, visiting assistant professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, to travel to South Korea in 2022

Major Projects Award (up to $12,500)
Promotes important contributions to scholarly debates and exchanges on international topics, issues, discoveries, and arts.

Past projects have included:

Provost’s Global Forum Award (up to $20,000)
A premier annual campus event focused on international and global issues. The forum brings together faculty experts and leading voices from a variety of areas to raise awareness about, and contribute to, debate on the foremost issues in globalization that face us today.

Past forums have included:

  • Teaching Anne Frank, awarded to Waltraud Maierhofer, professor of German, and Kirsten E. Kumpf Baele, lecturer of German in 2022
  • The Arab Spring in a Global Context, awarded to Ahmed E. Souaiaia, associate professor of Islamic studies and adjunct faculty in the College of Law in 2015

Zoom screenshot of panelists
A screenshot of webinar participants (left to right): Associate Professor Marco Garrido, Associate Provost Russell Ganim (moderator); Lecturer in Sociology Agnieszka Kubal, Professor William Reisinger, Associate Professor Manuel Balán, and Associate Professor Rosemarie Scullion.

Special Projects Awards (up to $500)
Funding for small-scale international activity on campus, including, but not limited to, visiting lectures, speakers, film series, exhibitions, and other public activities that support international engagement on campus.

“This Stanley Special Project Award provided funding that allowed a group of colleagues in the UI's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (William Reisinger, Rosemarie Scullion, and Marina Zaloznatya), to gather a panel of international experts who are studying the advance of authoritarian ideologies and the serious challenges that actual and aspiring autocrats are now presenting to democratic societies around the globe. The award specifically provided the funding to bring in scholars who hold appointments in leading academic institutions in Europe, Canada, and the U.S.  They made invaluable contributions, joining the UI scholars who also participated in providing broad, but substantively nuanced perspectives on how the retreat from democratic values and governance is adversely affecting various regions around the world.”

  • Awarded to Rosemarie Scullion, associate professor and director of undergraduate studies in the Department of French and Italian, in 2021

Summer Research Fellowships (up to $3,000)
Awarded to promote the internationalization of research on campus, resulting in at least one publication, exhibit, or performance during the summer.

“The Stanley Summer Research fellowship was essential to my completion of this research. My teaching obligations require that I conduct my fieldwork research during the summer when airfare to South Africa is at its highest. Support from the fellowship covered airfare and housing costs for my 6-week stay in Durban, South Africa. As a cultural anthropologist, research trips such as these are key for my progress towards tenure and cannot be accomplished by any means other than summer travel. Data collected during this trip supports my book-length manuscript, which I am in the process of finalizing, and newly developed journal article. Both will be essential components of my tenure files.”

  • Awarded to Brady G’sell, assistant professor in the Department of Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies and Department of Anthropology, to travel to South Africa in 2019