The University of Iowa

Event Coordination

The International Programs Events Coordination Office is responsible for working with faculty and staff in the management of special projects and academic programs that are funded or otherwise supported by International Programs.   Our office assists participating faculty and staff members in coordinating and planning events for International Programs, including conferences, visiting scholar programs, lectures, and projects.

We also provide administrative support for IP funded faculty travel, honorarium payments and assist with purchasing and reimbursements for IP academic program and special projects events.

The Events & Project Specialist will be happy to assist you with the following:

  • Set up travel reimbursements or purchasing reimbursements
  • Submit honorarium payment paperwork for visiting faculty
  • Make travel arrangements for visiting faculty (arrange airfare, hotel and airport shuttle reservations)
  • Make travel arrangements for event-sponsoring unit directors
  • Make room reservations for events
  • Order catering for events
  • Assist with the set up of the room during office hours. Unfortunately, Events staff will not be able to remain on site for events taking place in the evening, weekend and holidays. This means alternative arrangements will need to be made for clean-up and technical support.

Contact Information

Sarolta Petersen
Events and Project Specialist
International Programs, 1111-E UCC
Phone (319) 335-3862