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UI students at the Study Abroad After Party

Study abroad returnees connect at the Study Abroad After Party

UI students who have recently returned from a study abroad experience were invited to a Study Abroad After Party on February 13. “The event is a celebration of students who are returning from studying abroad. We want to, in some way, recognize them and honor them for their achievement of studying abroad,” said host Kristine Djerf, senior study abroad advisor and program coordinator.

Travel, self-discovery, and personal growth

The benefits of my experience abroad are immeasurable and irreplaceable. I learned so much about Spain, Spanish, travel, myself, being open-minded, standing up for myself, my thoughts and beliefs, my habits and culture, food likes (and dislikes), who I surround myself with, how I travel, who I travel well with (and don’t), how I dress, speak, communicate and treat people, and more.