UI Staff and Faculty Recognition

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) in International Programs would like to recognize UI staff, faculty, and students who have completed the Building Our Global Community certificate program and those who have received the International Advocate certificate. All of these people have made a commitment to advance and promote internationalization on the UI campus. 

Building Our Global Community

The Building Our Global Community series, started in 2004, provides workshops on skills and insights useful to faculty and staff as they seek to educate and serve our international community.  Each year several programs on cross-cultural communication and awareness, activities, and country or culture-specific workshops are offered.  Participants who attend four workshops plus an introductory session receive a certificate of recognition.

2015-2016 Graduates 2014-2015 Graduates
Ewa Barsach Jeanine Abrons
Matthieu Biger Emily Bacatan
Kerby Boschee Lois Baker
Sarah Burnett Thomas Baker
Kelli Haught Shannon Bartlett
Amanda Jensen Kimberly Beitz
Denise Juhr Suzette Blanchard
Deborah Kakavas Heidi Bohall
Beth Knudson Amy Bowes
Janet Kugley Amy Brewster
Rachel Liddle Angela Charsha-Harney
Brooke McInroy Kristine Djerf
Merry Powell Rebecca Don
Brandon Schickling Brooke Dwars
Linda Varvel Lanaya Ethington
Jessica Welter Cynthia Farthing
  Sara Feldmann
  Amanda Fiala
  Anna Flaming
  Brian Fotsch
  Kay Geguzis
  Anne Ghinazzi
  Megan Gioielli
  Jason Harshman
  Michael Healy
  Nicole Hodous
  Briana Horwath
  Lindsay Jarratt
  Amanda Jensen
  Lauren Katalinich
  Stephanie Knutson
  Kieran Leopold
  Brianna Marcelo
  Patricia Martin
  Sarah McNitt
  Taivna Mills
  Sara Murry
  Kathryn Prediger
  Colleen Opal
  Angela Reams
  Teri Schnelle
  Corinne Stanley
  Sherie Swartzendruber
  Brittney Thomas
  Bridget Toomey
  Tanya Villhauer
  Brenda Zobeck


International Advocate

This International Advocate certificate was created in spring 2013 to recognize University of Iowa staff, faculty, and students who have made exemplary efforts to assist international students or scholars, or to promote internationalization efforts on campus.  Recipients are nominated by International Student and Scholar Services staff.

2015-16 Recipients

2015-15 Recipients