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Discovering the world and building connections: students reflect on the benefits of faculty-led study abroad programs

Recently returned from abroad, this winter’s Diversity Ambassadors Scholarship recipients share what they thought of their experiences and what advice they might have for others considering studying abroad. 
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Meet Study Abroad's 2023 spring Diversity Ambassador awardees 

Up to ten $1,000 Diversity Ambassador Scholarships are awarded for the spring and fall semesters or academic year, and up to ten scholarships are awarded for summer and winter sessions. 
Kevin Drahos

How UI Study Abroad supports diversity, equity, and inclusion

Through outreach efforts and scholarships, UI Study Abroad is opening up opportunities for those underrepresented in study abroad.
Michaela Zimmer smiling with flower in her hair

Michaela Zimmer, back from Kenya, on the importance of hearing other people's stories

Michaela Zimmer, a Diversity Ambassador, completed a summer internship in Kisumu, Kenya.
Leah Cooke with Italian landscape background

Leah Cooke reflects on her time in Italy

Leah Cooke won a Diversity Ambassador Scholarship to study abroad in Florence, Italy.
Maya Torrez at the Parthenon at Greece

Maya Torrez found inspiration in the landscape and myths of Greece

Maya Torrez, Diversity Ambassador, studied on the UI faculty-led Ancient Perspectives, Modern Eyes program.
Alex Hefel with scenic background holding Hawkeye flag

Alex Hefel's first trip out of the U.S. took him to South Africa, expanding his horizons

Alex Hefel received a Diversity Ambassador Scholarship to study abroad and conduct research in South Africa in spring 2022.
Julia Nightster

Pride in her Native American heritage grew for Julia Nightser after studying in Spain

Julia Nightser, UI Diversity Ambassador, participated in the UI faculty-led Iowa Hispanic Institute Program in summer 2022.
Sauda Abdullahi in the Scottish Highlands

Sauda Abdullahi reflects on her UK public health program

Sauda Abdullahi, a fourth-year public health student, spent a semester in the UK to learn about public health practices including closing the food access gap.
Carmela and their favorite Italian Cat Nera (Viterbo, Italy)

Carmela Furio found a sense of peace through independent travel

Carmela Furio was awarded a Diversity Ambassador scholarship and traveled to Italy on the USAC Viterbo program.
Kevin Drahos in front of a fountain

Spanish views on the LGBTQ+ community welcome surprise to Kevin Drahos

Kevin Drahos reflects on his study abroad experience in Madrid, and how the LGBTQ+ community and related traditions are perceived and understood.
Dean Omar in Petra, Jordan

Dean Omar's Egyptian heritage made his experience in Jordan all the richer

Diversity Ambassador Dean Omar spent a summer in Jordan, conversing with locals, completing an internship, and feeling right at home.