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European Studies Group

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Director: Luis Martin-Estudillo, Spanish and Portuguese

The European Studies Group at The University of Iowa coordinates research projects, lectures and panel discussions, a multidisciplinary curriculum, and other events focusing on European issues. Enriched by library and museum collections, visual and performing arts programs, lively film series, and more, European Studies at the UI conceptualizes Europe as

  • a world region and a locus within a larger global flow of people, culture, and commerce;
  • a cultural construct that has evolved over centuries and a location that shifts geographically and geopolitically;
  • a region whose limits are continually being revised and redefined, in part by the formation of the European Union;
  • a synthesis of politics, economics, education, religion, culture, and the arts;
  • a diverse multi-ethnic population both within and beyond national boundaries;
  • a history of ideas, beliefs, values, and practices.

The European Studies Group seeks to understand all of these aspects of Europe through trans-historical, trans-national and multi-disciplinary teaching, research, and exchange of ideas.