The University of Iowa

The nerve

February 6th, 2017

I chew on my lip

My heart grows fonder each hour

Time - is an illusion

That was my sad attempt at a haiku. You are welcome in advance for the enlightenment you just received. The first ones free.

This blog will be about me trying to make myself uncomfortable. Not the bad kind though. I won’t be streaking in streets or farting in front of my host family. Okay, so I can’t promise the later but I’ll try my best to control myself gosh darn it.

For those who don’t know me, I’m pretty much comfortable anywhere. It may be that mountain boy in my blood I inherited from my father. The same man who would tell me stories of using dynamite to blow up tree trunks in the mountains for firewood as a 10 year old. Or hell, it may be the fact that I realized at a young age that the only thing I can control is myself and it will be a cold day in hell if I let myself have a bad time. 

It may be both. I think Junior year is a very pivotal year. You’re almost done but also feel like you’re not ready and you need to explore. I am ready to challenge myself and my skills. A classroom can only give you so much. So, this is my stepping stone ... hopefully.


If you’re not getting the drift I’m kinda lame and proud. I’m trying to push myself to the limit. Because I’m in it to win it. Oh YA.

Here: I’ll reflect, post videos, poetry, woes etc. Sometimes I will just ask for help. Stay tuned for stories and videos of my speaking Arabic fluently to strangers. It may look like a championship staring contest but I promise, we will be speaking fluent Arabic WITH OUR EYES. Watch close. Listen and learn friends.


*Arlina Fasliu is a junior at the University of Iowa studying journalism and international studies. She will be spending her semester on the SIT Morocco Field Studies in Journalism and New Media program.

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