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Meet my roommate

November 2nd, 2017
tia and friends

My roommate Tin Lin (third from the left)

Roommates. If you lived in the dorms freshman year, you probably are familiar with the roommate assignment process. At ACT, we received our rooming assignments two weeks in advance.  My roommate’s name is Tin Lin. She attends Boston College and majors in applied psychology and human development. I thought I would give you a different perspective on study abroad through someone else’s experience.


Why did you choose ACT? Was Greece a country you wanted to travel to?


I took Ancient Greek in high school for two years and my teacher always said how beautiful it was here! I also appreciate the arts and have an interest in Greek Mythology.


How will this experience help you in your undergraduate studies? What impact will it have on your major?


Greece gives me a different perspective on mental health and how different cultures treat it. Also, I am exposed to a lot of social issues that we may not perceive at home. Witnessing poverty here has made me sad.


What is your favorite activity thus far? Anything you have not cared for?


My favorite trip was to Volos, Greece! It showed me the hospitality of the Greek people. It’s beautiful here in Thessaloniki; it’s like I am in a different world. I have a larger sense of freedom and there is no rush. For being a Bostonian this is a huge change.


In the beginning, adjusting to the language and daily life was difficult, but that is to be expected. The school bus is kind of difficult here. I remember Tia and I were walking and I had to throw my trash out before we boarded the bus. I learned something about Tia! Even though she is tiny, she can run fast! The bus started to pull away and we ran. I looked like an Olympian discus thrower with my trash but unfortunately, I am sure I missed it by a mile.


What are you most looking forward to?


By the end of the semester, I want to be able to have a full conversation in Greek with a local.


If you could give a study abroad student one piece of advice, what would it be?


Find genuine people in your program who respect and support you. We all need to support each other.



Tia Dacquisto

Tia Dacquisto is an international relations major at the University of Iowa.  She will be spending the academic year in northern Greece at the American College of Thessaloniki. 

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