Thursday, September 2, 2021

Chuck Swanson, guest opinion, Iowa City Press-Citizen 

Each day when I walk toward the front door of Hancher Auditorium at the University of Iowa, a school of fish is there to welcome me.

Their welcome always brings a smile to my face.

I know that might sound odd if you haven’t been to Hancher in quite some time. Let me explain.

Last summer, we were delighted to add a permanent art installation made up of 30 stone fish immediately outside of the facility. Hancher commissioned — with the generous support of David and Noreen Revier — Santa Fe artist Colette Hosmer to create the fish.

I was truly delighted when Hosmer told me the name she had chosen for the installation. She decided to call it Wellspring because she understands all of the ways in which Hancher continues to be a source of collaboration and creativity that brings an abundance of wonderful things to our campus, community and the state of Iowa.