Monday, April 26, 2021

By Mary Hartel, The Daily Iowan 

Three students who met at the University of Iowa just before the pandemic are developing an app called Context Culture, dedicated to story-based cross-cultural communications and learning.

In the Iowa Startup Games, an entrepreneurial competition with the Tippie College of Business, Stewart Knights, co-founder of Context Culture and former U.K. exchange student to the UI, decided to pitch the concept of stories that are interactive that put you in the context of a situation you are likely to face.

This is what would become Context Culture, Knights said.

It was during the games that Knights met Jude Aboagye, now a co-founder of Context Culture. Through International Programs’ Engaging Across Culture program, Knights met Yuchen Liu, the platform’s content developer.

The rest was history, Knights said.

“I think the overarching goal is to lift the baseline of cross-cultural competence,” Knights said. “So, we want to make sure that the average person is more educated than last year, on just general culture, and cultural understanding, cultural appreciation.”