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International Student Advisory Board


The International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) seeks to voice international student concerns, to advocate for international student needs, to voice international student feedback and concerns, to improve international student experience, and to advocate for a more inclusive campus environment to international students.  


ISAB, established in 2014, is a joint initiative between University of Iowa Student Government, Graduate & Professional Student Government, International Programs, and the Division of Student Life.

Board functions

To fulfill the mission, ISAB serves the following functions:

Sounding Board - ISAB provides recommendation to assist university departments on improving services or programs to better serve international students. ISAB also gathers feedback from international students formally or informally. 

Relationship Building - ISAB continues to build relationships with individual students, international student organizations, as well as other organizations on campus to hear their stories, needs, and concerns.

Program Facilitation - ISAB will facilitate programs to connect international student groups with domestic student groups to increase engage and cross-cultural interaction on campus.

Advocacy - ISAB serves to raise concerns from international students collectively and formally, and to educate the campus about issues related to international students. 

What ISAB has done

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