Student Grants and Fellowships

  • UI 2017-2018 Fulbright Winner Hodna
    UI 2017-18 Fulbright Recipient Hodna Nuernberg will be at the École Normale Superiéure in Rabat of the Univetsity Mohammed V in Morroco.
  • 2015 Fulbright Winner Steph Rue conducting research in Seoul, South Korea.
    2015 Fulbright Winner Steph Rue traveled to Seoul, South Korea to conduct research on early monastic paper and book production methods.
  • 2015 Fulbrighter Douglas Baker at the Kyoto-Shiga Fulbright Alumni Association welcome party.

Contact Information

Students are encouraged to begin their funding searches and applications at least six months to one year in advance.  Students are required to apply for funding through Karen Wachsmuth, associate director of International Fellowships. Please see the individual grant webpages for workshop announcements.

NOTE: If you are seeking information about funding for study abroad, please visit the UI Study Abroad funding page.

Karen Wachsmuth
Associate Director, International Fellowships
International Programs
1111 University Capitol Centre


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Tips from UI Fulbright Alumni Ambassador Douglas Baker

Becoming an Expert on Your Country of Choice

The Fulbright Program emphasizes creating mutual, cultural understanding between citizens of the U.S. and citizens of foreign countries; however, that doesn’t mean the road to cultural understanding shouldn’t begin before you set foot in the country. The idea of going off somewhere completely unfamiliar to you can be a romantic one, but displaying ignorance about the country you are applying to is an egregious error.
Now, the title is admittedly an exaggeration here; after all, you are going abroad to learn more about the host country and the inner workings of its culture. Nevertheless, as you begin answering the question of why you want to go to the host country and what you plan to do there, your application should demonstrate a working knowledge about that country.
And what are some ways of gaining this “working knowledge”? Language courses almost always contain a component of cultural study, and language study is never a bad idea should you have the time for it. Fulbright alumni have also proposed reading news articles or finding video blogs by expats who live or have lived in the host country, the latter often offers tips for foreigners which can increase your cultural competency. All of this knowledge speaks to your interest and investment in the host country which makes you look like a worthwhile applicant.

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Student Spotlight

Follow 2016 UI Fulbright recipient Nathalie Halcrow as she chronicles her Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at the Foundation Alfred Nobel in Marcory, Abidjan.

2015 UI Fulbright recipient Julia Julstrom-Agoyo is spending her year in Bera, Pahang, Malaysia teaching English. Read her blog.