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In the news: Prof. Ari Ariel featured in new podcast on Yemeni Jews

Ari Ariel, a Middle East historian at the University of Iowa, will delve into what the 2,600-year-old community was like and the dramatic transitions that led to the mass exodus.
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8 academic centers, programs, and networks contribute to Iowa’s global mission

International Programs supports eight faculty-led academic centers, programs, and networks that exist to create opportunities for faculty to contribute to the global mission of the University of Iowa.

In the news: Opinion: I teach about Anne Frank because she teaches us about ourselves

For many, Anne Frank’s name conjures imagery of a young Jewish girl with long dark hair and twinkling eyes, a secret hiding space, and of course, a diary. 

In the news: Keeping Anne Frank’s story alive in Iowa

Through the Let Me Be Myself: The Life Story of Anne Frank exhibit, a tree-planting ceremony, and virtual webinars, Anne Frank’s story is taught, discussed, and kept alive at the University of Iowa.

In the news: University of Iowa takes a look at the legacy of Anne Frank. Here's the schedule, and how to attend

“Teaching Anne Frank” brings experts across disciplines to explore the educational value and continuing relevance of her story.

Teaching Anne Frank topic of February 28 WorldCanvass

WorldCanvass will kick off the 2022 University of Iowa Provost’s Global Forum “Teaching Anne Frank” with an expert panel discussing Anne’s life before and during captivity, the experience of the Jewish community living in The Netherlands under Nazi occupation, the impact her private diary has had on subsequent generations, and her place in both public history and the struggle for human rights.

2022 Provost's Global Forum to examine the legacy of Anne Frank Feb. 28 - Mar. 2

February 28 - March 2, 2022, the University of Iowa will host scholars, experts, and researchers from around the world as part of the 2022 Provost’s Global Forum, "Teaching Anne Frank.”