The University of Iowa

Student Spotlight: Yu Chak Sunny Ho

November 12th, 2019

As part of International Education Week 2019, Yu Chak Sunny Ho is one of seven University of Iowa students chosen by a committee of students to be recognized for their leadership and engagement in international education on campus and abroad.

Yu Chak Sunny Ho has been a great advocate for international students ever since he set foot on campus in fall 2015. He brings his perspectives as well as his passion for advocating for international students to his work, whether it’s helping to facilitate workshops on different identities within the international communities, promoting mental health awareness on campus, or cultivating student leaders on campus. His countless contributions have shown his commitment to making the campus a more inclusive space, empowering many other student leaders to follow his footsteps.

“Every culture has its unique strengths, beauty, and characteristics, which we can all learn from.”

Name: Yu Chak Sunny Ho
Field of study: counseling and psychology (PhD)
Home country: Hong Kong

What experiences/organizations/programs have you contributed to your international education?

International Student Advisory Board, vice-chair

International student career workshop facilitator 

Bridging Domestic and Global Diversity Program mentor

Welcome webinar participant for new international students

Franklin Stone International Student Award recipient 

Paul Opstad International Student Award recipient

Member of the Organization for the Active Support of International Students (OASIS)

What is the most valuable thing that you have learned through your international education experiences?

Every culture has its unique strength, beauty, and characteristics, which we can all learn from.

If you had one message to pass on your fellow classmates about international education, what would it be? 

Embrace cultural training and diversity in your program and department and let every international student feel welcome and included. International students have so much to bring to our day to day conversations and we should allow them to speak up in a safe space so that we can all foster each other’s learning and make more meaningful contributions to our fields.