Monday, June 10, 2024

Study abroad scholarships are crucial for enabling access to international education, fostering cultural exchange, promoting global understanding, and empowering students to pursue enriching experiences beyond their home countries. 

With support from the Stanley-University of Iowa Foundation Support Organization, the Global Access Ambassador Scholarship program provides up to 10 $1,000 scholarships for the spring and fall semesters or academic year, and up to 10 scholarships for the summer and winter sessions. 

The scholarship is intended to support students who study abroad with the intent to serve as Global Access Ambassadors upon their return to Iowa campus, with special consideration given to students with a history of overcoming adversity to pursue personal, academic, or professional goals.  

Meet the fall 2024 recipients:  

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Berkley Barnett, a third-year international studies major from Highlands Ranch, Colorado, will study abroad on the SIT Jordan Refugees, Health and Humanitarian Action program. 

“I am excited to participate in my research project on refugee communal cooking while with SIT Jordan. I hope this experience will not only improve my colloquial Arabic skills but also expose me to diverse intercultural environments that will deepen my understanding of my international studies major. I am also excited to explore all the food and desserts Jordan has to offer! 

I selected my program after evaluating what type of study abroad experience I wanted to commit my semester to, which suited both my professional and academic goals. I chose to study abroad with SIT because of their focus on academics and research. I had previously participated in an independent study on Middle Eastern foodways and was curious to experience researching abroad. Along with this, I wanted the opportunity to improve my Arabic skills through SIT's homestay program, where I will be staying with a local Jordanian family for the semester. The opportunity to learn both in and out of the classroom through living with a Jordanian family while developing my research skills was the deciding factor for me to choose this program. 

As an international studies major, I value learning ‘in the field.’ During my first study abroad experience in Japan, I witnessed just how much of a difference being abroad makes to my understanding of subtle cultural behaviors and lifestyles. Studying abroad is important to me because it provides an intimate learning experience where students can not only learn about other cultures but also live and study in diverse, challenging environments. Studying abroad not only develops you as a student–broadening your understanding of the world–but it also allows you to work on your personal self-reliance and confident communication skills abroad. I hope that applying what I learn in the classroom to the things I see, hear, and witness in Jordan will improve my understanding of Arab culture and the Arabic language, helping me engage better with my international studies degree and Arabic studies minor at Iowa.” 


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Ellie Crock, a fourth-year Spanish and ethics & public policy major from Mount Vernon, Iowa, will study abroad on the CIEE Buenos Aires Liberal Arts program. 

“I am very excited to participate in direct enrollment in Buenos Aires and experience a different university campus culture through both classes and extracurriculars. I can't wait to meet new people and enjoy the company of new friends! I picked CIEE Buenos Aires liberal arts program for so many reasons, one is the aspects of the program like home stays and direct enrollment that contribute to my goal of immersion for improving my Spanish. Another huge factor is the city itself; Buenos Aires is a huge, multicultural city and I am so excited to explore city life and learn about all about the history and culture of Argentina. To me studying abroad is an opportunity to learn both academically and personally, the challenge of navigating a new country and new university is a chance to improve my Spanish language skills, but also how I manage problem solving, how I adapt to new environments and make new connections.” 


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Callan Dockry, a third-year international studies major from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, will study abroad on the TEAN South Korea: Korea University program. 

“I am most excited to travel and to improve my Korean language skills through immersion. I picked the TEAN Korea University program because they offer a great support system while also offering cultural excursions. I have been interested in studying abroad in South Korea for a few years now, so the TEAN program was an excellent opportunity to make that happen. Studying abroad is important to me because it allows me to truly immerse myself in a language and a culture, allowing me to gain insight into a different perspective towards life. Another important aspect is that it will push me to grow as a person and understand myself better.”  


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Annabel Hendrickson, a fourth-year anthropology major from Coralville, Iowa, will study abroad on the Iowa Regents in Ireland: University College Cork program. 

“I’m most excited about meeting new people and learning in a new setting. I chose this program because of its archaeology classes focusing on parts of the world that I haven’t had the chance to learn about in-depth yet. I’ve also always wanted to visit Ireland – especially the many monoliths and castles! Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity to travel and immerse myself in a new environment that will not be possible after finishing college.”  


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Abigail Kloha, a third-year translation and English & creative writing major from St. Johns, Michigan, will study abroad on the IFSA Universidad Nacional in Costa Rice Heredia program. 

“I look forward to improving my Spanish through immersion in a homestay and classes completely taught in Spanish! Since I study translation, immersion was a high priority for me when picking classes. Since the Universidad Nacional will allow me to live with a local family and take classes alongside local students, it will give me the most realistic perspective on Costa Rican life. I also have a special interest in Costa Rica due to how forward thinking they are with environmental policies. As a Christian, I love to see the global aspect of my faith, remembering that God's family transcends oceans, languages, borders, and cultures. Studying abroad helps me remember that, although humans are very different, we have far more similarities than differences. I hope that, after studying abroad, I'll have a greater appreciation for my fellow Christians and, by learning more about other languages and cultures, I'll be better able to help others as a translator and writer.”  


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Thomas Lehmkuhl, a second-year history & political science major from Ames, Iowa, will study abroad on the Iowa Regents in Ireland: University College Cork program. 

“I am most excited about spending a year becoming acquainted with Irish culture and exploring different parts of the Irish countryside. Additionally, taking courses focused on local or Irish-focused subject matter will offer a unique academic experience. 

I picked the University College Cork program because I wanted to be directly enrolled in an Irish university so that I would interact with students from another country rather than mainly other exchange students. The program in Cork, Ireland, was especially appealing to me also because I enjoy spending time outdoors in nature, and there are many opportunities I will have to hike near the university I am attending.  

I think the independence I’ll be forced to develop while studying abroad will be valuable for the rest of my life and will help me discover my own unique identity. Interaction with people from other nations and cultures for an extended time is also an enriching experience that will likely leave a lasting impression on me.”  


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Luke Moenning, a fourth-year computer science & mathematics major from Coralville, Iowa, will study abroad on the Iowa Regents in Ireland: University College Cork program. 

“I am most excited about the opportunity to explore and immerse myself in a new country and culture. I've always wanted to travel to Ireland, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. Studying abroad is important to me because it's a unique experience that will definitely change my life.” 



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Sade Olawoye, a third-year international studies major from Aurora, Illinois, will study abroad on the TEAN South Korea: Korea University program. 

“I am most excited about the connections that I will be able to make abroad. The most fulfilling interactions I have had at the University of Iowa so far are conversations with international students and other domestic students who also have an interest in making global connections. I am excited to be in a situation where cross-cultural communication is not only easily accessible, but also encouraged. 

I picked my program because I was looking for a place to practice Korean, the language that I have been learning for the past three years. I thought that Korea University (KU) would be the perfect place to do so. Not only that, but KU is a heavily respected institution and the connections that I make there can be beneficial for my future career. 

Given that I am an international studies major, I have learned about foreign cultures and cross-cultural communication for close to three years now. I want to be able to finally put what I have learned in the classroom to use. Study abroad is important to me because it is the perfect opportunity to do just that!”  


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Allisa Pandit, a third-year business analytics & information and journalism & mass communication major from Bettendorf, Iowa, will study abroad on the IES London: Study London program. 

“I am most excited to experience the cultural diversity present in London, whether through the people I meet, courses I attend, or food I get to try. I have always loved to travel, but living in London for a whole semester will allow me the time to fully immerse myself in new environments. I picked this program because I knew I wanted to study abroad in London, and this program aligned best with what I hope to achieve from the courses I take during my time abroad. Studying abroad is important to me because I believe experiential learning is the best way to grow personally, academically, and professionally. By studying abroad, I am able to pursue my education while doing what I love most: travel.” 


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Grace Ziomek, a third-year English & creative writing and theatre arts major from Palatine, Illinois, will study abroad on the IES Dublin Writers program. 

“I’m the most excited to go to new places! I’ve never really been out of the country, and this is my first chance to get out of my comfort zone and see/experience as much as possible. I’m excited to immerse myself in a new culture and learn more about the world and myself in the process. I narrowed down my list of places I wanted to go, and I settled on Ireland. It just so happened that there’s a Writer's Workshop program in Dublin, and as a creative writing major, it just seemed like the perfect fit! Studying abroad is important to me because it’s not just visiting a place, it’s living there. This is a once in a lifetime chance to continue my education in a completely different part of the world. There’s only so much we can learn in the classroom, and these experiences are so few and far between that I had to take the opportunity.” 


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