Friday, May 10, 2024

Study abroad scholarships are crucial for enabling access to international education, fostering cultural exchange, promoting global understanding, and empowering students to pursue enriching experiences beyond their home countries.  

With support from the Stanley-UI Foundation Support Organization, the Global Access Ambassador Scholarship program provides up to 10 $1,000 scholarships for the spring and fall semesters or academic year, and up to 10 scholarships for the summer and winter sessions.  

The scholarship is intended to support students who study abroad with the intent to serve as Global Access Ambassadors upon their return to the UI campus, with special consideration given to students with a history of overcoming adversity to pursue personal, academic, or professional goals. 

Meet the summer 2024 recipients:  

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Corey Breiten, a second-year mathematics major from Saint Charles, Illinois, will study abroad on the Ghana Education & Culture program. 

“As I've never been to Africa, the opportunity to travel to a country like Ghana and delve into its culture and educational systems is incredibly meaningful to me. Studying abroad is important for me because it will encourage personal growth by pushing me out of my comfort zone and gaining independence. I want to gain confidence in navigating new and unfamiliar situations. 

I selected this program because it aligns perfectly with my major and the goals I've set for my life. The opportunity to travel to another country and experience a different education system is truly transformative. I strongly believe in incorporating culture into the classroom, and there's no better way to do so than by traveling to another country.” 


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Hailey Durso, a second-year nursing major from Batavia, Illinois, will study abroad on the CEA: Study in Florence program. 

“I am most excited to explore the beautiful city of Florence. Florence is known for its outstanding art and architecture, so I am excited to see all that Florence has to offer. 

I picked my program after going to the Study Abroad Fair at the University of Iowa. I have always wanted to go to Italy, so that was the most important factor in deciding my program.  

As a first-generation college student, it is so important to me to take all the opportunities that college has to offer. Studying abroad means an opportunity to enhance my academic journey and provide me with invaluable personal growth. I am confident that this experience will not only enrich my understanding of the world but also shape me into a more culturally competent and globally minded person.” 


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Melanie Flores, a third-year speech & hearing science major from Carol Stream, Illinois, will study abroad on the IES Internships Santiago program.“I am most excited about learning about Chilean culture! I want to explore, learn about their history and geography, and improve my confidence in my Spanish skills.  

I chose this program because I want to support the Latino community as much as I can in my future career and this experience will prepare me to do so. I have always wanted to go to Chile, and one of my friends did it this past summer and loved it, so I knew I should not be afraid to try something new.  

Studying abroad is important to me because it is an opportunity to gain new perspectives and grow. There are so many things to see and experience outside of the Midwest and reading about it or seeing it online will never be the same as seeing it in person.” 


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Skylar Hoffman, a third-year social work major from Davenport, Iowa, will study abroad on the Cultures of Spain program. 

“I’m so excited to be immersed in a new language, culture, and way of life. 

I am minoring in Spanish, and as a native English speaker, I knew I wanted to experience language immersion through a study abroad program. I knew this program would be the perfect fit for me because most of our time abroad will be spent not in the classroom being lectured, but actually immersing ourselves into Spanish history and culture by traveling to cultural heritage sites around the country with a small group of students and a professor who is from Spain. 

Studying abroad is important to me because I want and need to experience ways of life that are new and different to me. I also have a love of languages and novel experiences. We only get to live once, and I want to experience and learn everything I can while I can.” 


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Rayna Kauffman, a second-year nursing major from Lake Zurich, Illinois, will study abroad on the Iowa Hispanic Institute program. 

“I picked my program based on hearing amazing things from my peers that went before me and the number of credits it provides towards a Spanish minor. I chose this specific program because it was faculty-led and will allow me to complete my minor this summer. 

Studying abroad is important to me because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you can only take during your college years. You get to travel with your peers while meeting new people.” 


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Kennedy Lein, a fourth-year journalism & mass communication major from Carroll, Iowa, will study abroad on the USAC San Sebastian program. 

“I am most excited to meet new people and to take the surfing course for my program. I chose this program because San Sebastian looked absolutely gorgeous and because I have heard that is a very safe and fun place to be. 

Studying abroad is important to me because I have never been out of the country alone. I graduate in fall 2024, and I feel like I have never been fully independent. I feel like I need this experience to prove to myself that I will be fine in the real world. I am just so excited to experience a new place and meet new people.”  


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Sofia Manzano, a fourth-year Spanish and international studies double major from West Des Moines, Iowa, will study abroad on the Iowa Hispanic Institute program. 

“I chose this destination and program because it will allow me to continue strengthening my Spanish language skills (written and spoken), learn in a different cultural context and broaden my perspectives and worldview. I haven't had the opportunity to fully immerse myself into a complete Spanish-speaking country before and would like to be able to test my Spanish skills while in Spain. Additionally, my grandparents on my father's side are originally from Spain and I'd like to visit the place where they grew up and learn more about my family's heritage. This program will prepare me for my post-grad endeavors as I plan to apply to NALCAP (North American Language and Culture Assistants) program in which I would work as an English language assistant in Spain.” 


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Daniel Mendez, a third-year marketing and business analytics & information systems double major from Chicago, Illinois, will study abroad on the CIMBA Italy program. 

“I am thrilled about the opportunity to explore Europe, immerse myself in diverse cultures, and connect with other students. Traveling to another country has always been a dream of mine, and doing so while earning my degree really feels like a huge win. 

I chose the CIMBA program because it offers courses that align perfectly with my major. Studying abroad will be a cornerstone for my future career in international business. It will allow me to gain firsthand experience with global markets and understand diverse economic environments. I believe that real world exposure to different business practices and cultural settings is crucial for a comprehensive education in the International Business field.” 


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Jessica Miller, a fourth-year chemistry major from Justice, Illinois, will study abroad on the Sustainable Chemistry Along the Rhine River program. 

“I have never left the country before, so leaving the United States for the first time will be an experience full of personal growth and discovery. I have been a student at the University of Iowa that prioritizes campus engagement, there have been so many areas that have grown my Hawkeye pride. I am excited to share my pride for Iowa with the world!  

I chose the study abroad program, Sustainable Chemistry Along the Rhone River, due to its direct alignment with my anticipated career in pharmacology and drug development. The opportunity to visit three countries over a two-week span while incorporating so many educational aspects, is a once in a lifetime opportunity I could not miss!” 


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Nancy Nahra, a third-year computer science and English & creative writing double major from Coralville, Iowa, will study abroad on the Irish Writing Program. 

“I'm most excited about the opportunity to watch live plays in Dublin and dabble in archival research as my peers and I explore Ireland's countryside. 

I chose to apply for the Irish Writing Program because I was interested in the variety of experiences I'd be exposed to. Not only is it an opportunity to travel and write (two things I love), but it's also a chance to learn more about colonialism, Celtic culture and folklore, the importance of Ireland's unique geographical features to its literature, and many more!  

Studying abroad is an important experience to me (and any writer really) because I believe that being pushed into unfamiliar spaces forces one to pay extra close attention to the world, which serves as a launching point for creativity and transforming experiences into language.” 


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Katie Nguyen, a fourth-year finance and business analytics & information systems double major from West Des Moines, Iowa, will study abroad on the IES Internships Milan program. 

“I am the most thrilled about my opportunity to intern at Costanzo e Associati as a financial analyst and immersing myself in Italian culture. I'm very eager to collaborate with a diverse team of colleagues, gain insights into international business practices, and contribute to the development of meaningful projects to make a real-world impact during my time abroad.  

With this experience abroad, I am acquiring knowledge and insights of the international business market that couldn't be gained through an internship within the U.S. With Milan being the financial and economic capital of Europe and my combined career interest of finance and data analytics--I am confident that this experience will provide me with the potential of not just professional but personal growth necessary to achieve my long-term aspirations.” 


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Elizabeth Von Loh, a third-year English & creative writing and religious studies double major from Woodlands, Texas, will study abroad on the Irish Writing Program. 

“I’m most excited about exploring Dublin and the surrounding areas. I picked the Irish Writing Program because it provides the chance to learn about Irish literature within its culture and to find inspiration from Dublin itself for my own stories." 




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