Saturday, October 19, 2019

Phoobala Naidoo with friends in Iowa

Phoobala Naidoo

Phoobala Naidoo, who originally came to Iowa from South Africa (during apartheid), graduated from the University of Iowa in 1990, where he received his PhD in counselor education. He currently resides in Blair Athol, New South Wales, Australia, where he serves underserved and needy populations. 

Naidoo remembers his time at the University of Iowa as the "best educational experience in my entire life." He is not only thankful for the world-class education he received, but also for a critical operation.

"The UI Hospital did a life-saving cardiac surgery on me while I was in the midst of my PhD.  I am forever grateful to the University of Iowa for saving my life to now serve indigent people in Australia - even at 78 years - and yes I still work!"

Naidoo also has fond memories for his professors Harold Engen, Dock Dustin, Nick Colangelo, and Dave Jepsen, for affording him a "lifelong educational opportunity." 

"I wish to someday return to refresh memories," shared Naidoo. "Like the SU recreation area, Copper Dollar pub (if it is still there), the UI international office (where I worked), and nostalgic Coralville and the Hawkeye Apartments... I am beginning to get emotional now!"

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