Wednesday, May 9, 2018

By Annie Fitzpatrick, The Daily Iowan 

Graduating senior Akash Bhalerao has made the most of his time at the University of Iowa. He has excelled in his studies and involvement on campus through participating in 15 student organizations.

“It’s been a journey, an amazing journey, and I got to meet a lot of important people … through my time here, fall in love with this place and the culture of this place … I’m about everything being a Hawkeye and I just love being black and gold,” he said.

After Associate Director of Admissions Tom Paulsen visited his high school in India, Bhalerao decided to attend the UI. His “gut feeling” to become a Hawkeye turned out to be the right decision because of the people he has met and the opportunities he has had, Bhalerao said.

“I joke around with my parents that if I’m ever get kicked out of the house, I’m settling in Iowa City,” he said.

Bhalerao has worked toward a degree in social entrepreneurship and environmental restoration through the Interdepartmental Studies Program.