WorldCanvass - Teaching ad Learning post-covid with student on computer

The changes brought on by the coronavirus pandemic have impacted every person, every industry, every region, and every communal activity for nearly the whole of 2020. Even after the much-hoped-for vaccine is developed and distributed, some believe that life and work patterns have been forever altered. What comes next in the field of global education was the subject of the December 8 WorldCanvass on the topic “Teaching and Learning Post-COVID.”

Program Details

Segment 1 - Overview of patterns in global education

  • Autumn Tallman—associate director, Study Abroad, International Programs, University of Iowa 
  • Ana Rodriguez-Rodriguez—associate professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Iowa
  • Julie Zerwic—dean, College of Nursing, University of Iowa

Segment 2 - Technology Bridging the Gap

  • Cassie Barnhardt—associate professor, College of Education, University of Iowa
  • Jeff Ching-Fan Lai—graduate student, College of Education, University of Iowa
  • Amy Alice Chastain—associate professor of instruction, English as a Second Language, University of Iowa

Segment 3 - Virtual Learning: student and faculty experiences

  • Monica Ernberger—advisor, Study Abroad, International Programs, University of Iowa
  • Linette Leng—undergraduate student, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, University of Iowa
  • Volkan Orhon—professor, School of Music, University of Iowa


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