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The King Sejong Institute is an educational institution which offers various Korean language and culture classes. Sponsored by the South Korean government, its purpose is to spread Korean language and culture throughout the world. There are about 130 King Sejong Institutes serving Korean learners and educators in 50 countries.

The University of Iowa King Sejong Institute, which is collaboratively operated by the University of Iowa’s Division of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures (DWLLC), UI International Programs, and the Ewha Womans University, is one of seven King Sejong Institutes in the United States, and the only one in the Midwest. Anyone who is interested in Korean language and culture can participate in classes offered by the King Sejong Institute.

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King Sejong Institute coordinator Sang-Seok Yoon weighs in on the symbol of the 2015 lunar new year animal in NPR's Morning Edition broadcast, Whatever Floats Your Goat: the 2015 Lunar New Year Animal Is Up For Debate

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