Estimated Tuition, Living Expenses, and Other Fees

International Student Fee

All enrolled students on a University of Iowa I-20 or DS-2019 are assessed the International Student Fee every semester in which they are registered. In fall 2018 the fee will be $125 each fall and spring semester, and $62.50 for enrollment during any summer session. Please note that effective August 26, 2013 the International Student Fee will not be refunded if a student is registered as of the first day of a semester, even if the student later withdraws or notifies ISSS of a change of status. Currently the fee appears on the second U-Bill of each semester. The amount of the fee is included in the estimated expenses put on a student's I-20 or DS-2019.

The fee has been in place since 2000-01, and is used exclusively by International Student and Scholar Services to cover the cost of staffing, fees, and licenses required to provide immigration services and support for those on an international student visa. It is also used to provide ISSS programs and workshops to promote intercultural learning, adjustment, and internationalization for students, staff, and faculty. ISSS sees around 9,000 walk-in visits/year, and processes several thousand e-forms within the same period.

Student fee money is not used to support activities for J-1 scholars. A separate fee exists for those coming to the university in a J-1 scholar category for teaching, research, or observation (i.e. non-student) purposes.

For a current list of fees, see the Admissions Estimated Costs for International Students page.

Consult this document if you are curious about the history of the international student fee and how it is used.

F-2 and J-2 Dependents

Dependents require adding additional expenses to the amount listed above. These include additional living expenses ($5000/spouse and $2500/each child) + increased rates of health insurance. These amounts reflect the costs during a 12-month period.


Graduate Assistants on UI GradCare

Undergrads and Grads on SHIP

Student & Spouse Only Insurance + Dependent Living Expenses

$2628 + $5000 spouse

$14,256 + $5000 spouse

Student & Children Only Insurance + Dependent Living Expenses

$3900 + $2500/each child

$13,008 + $2500/each child

Student & Spouse & Children Dependent Insurance + Living Expenses

$5196 + $5000 spouse + $2500/each child

$18,144 + $5000 spouse + $2500/each child