Friday, September 16, 2022

International Programs is excited to announce our Study Abroad Correspondents for the fall 2022 semester! These diverse voices will provide first-hand accounts of what UI students experience while studying abroad, sharing their stories through photography, writing, and social media posts across our various media channels (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter). Let the vicarious travels begin! 

Meet the correspondents:

student with braids wearing pink shirt

Angelina Evans

Angelina Evans, a second-year geography major (minoring in computer science) from Tiffin, Iowa, will be studying this fall in Singapore on the CIEE Open Campus Block program.

When did you know you wanted to go abroad?

I had always thought about incorporating study abroad into my college experience, but I really felt inspired to study abroad after getting involved with UI international student programs and taking a Chinese course.

How did you pick your program?

I chose the CIEE Open Campus Block program because I had work commitments for the end of the summer, but I still wanted to study abroad. Now I can keep my work commitments and start school abroad a bit later! I also wanted a lot of support and opportunities to go on class excursions, and CIEE offers that.

What are you most excited about?

I’m excited to see and experience the uniqueness of Singapore! The different museums, gardens, hawker centers, and even the airport seem amazing, and I hope to learn more about the country and its people while studying abroad. 


student with pink hair and blue glasses

Oscar Krug

Oscar Krug, a second-year English and creative writing and political science major from Granite City, Illinois, will be studying this fall in Cork, Ireland, on the Iowa Regents Semester in Ireland program.

When did you know you wanted to go abroad?

I have always wanted to go abroad! It was a motivating factor in my choice to pursue higher education!

How did you pick your program?

I picked this one for its scenery and price point! It was accommodating with scholarships for low-income folks!

What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about everything! Just being away and having the opportunity to learn so much from a new environment and new people is so exciting and meaningful!!


student with pink headscarf

Maria Osman

Maria Osman, a third-year international studies major (certificate in human rights) from Iowa City, Iowa, will be studying this fall in Jordan on SIT’s Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action program.

When did you know you wanted to go abroad?

I had always wanted to go abroad since my freshman year but got the chance this year after completing most of my classes.

How did you pick your program?

My focus is Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, so I knew I wanted to go somewhere in the Middle East and continue to learn Arabic, so I went to the study abroad website and looked for programs through my major. After finding SIT, they had two Arabic-speaking countries as options, so I chose the refugees program since that pertained the most to what I wanted to do.

What are you most excited about?

I am most excited about getting the chance to immerse myself in another culture and meet new people through the program.


student wearing grey shirt

Braydon Simms

Braydon Simms, a fourth-year communication studies major from Chariton, Iowa, will be studying this fall in the Czech Republic on the CEA Prague: Internship program.

When did you know you wanted to go abroad?

I've always known I wanted to study abroad, even before I knew which college I wanted to attend. Geography and culture always interested me, so it just seemed like the natural thing to do!

How did you pick your program?

I picked CEA Prague because I wanted to be in a primarily non-English speaking country and in a location that had multiple other cultures intermingling constantly.

What are you most excited about?

Honestly, the wide range of experiences I will have from just living my life in a much different location and way!


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Posts by student correspondents may not reflect the opinions and recommendations of UI Study Abroad and International Programs.  These communications are intended to give students a forum for free expression of thoughts and experiences abroad in a respectful space.

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