Wednesday, April 3, 2019
IP Staff
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This production of WorldCanvass opened the two-day international and interdisciplinary colloquium "Reading and Re-translation," which focused on the current state of research on reading and re-translation.  Host Joan Kjaer invited guests, many of whom presented at the colloquium, to explore the act of reading and dive into this space where social and symbolic power is enforced. Guests also discussed how re-translations shape transnational, literary, and cultural relations and asked what arts and humanities perspectives need to be reasserted in a digitized world where algorithms increasingly read us. 

Media Coverage

Press Citizen: Translation and re-translation in the age of Big Data



Segment 1 - Reading and re-translation: what's at stake?

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Segment 2 - The complex nature of re-translation

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Segment 3 - Beyond words: interpretation through sculpture, music, and performance

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Sabine Golz, Adrienne Rose and Laura McClure, seated in front of WorldCanvass sign


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