Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The floors in Italy are tile so having slippers to walk around the house/apartment in makes a huge difference

Hey Hawkeyes!

Below I have provided a list of items that you don’t want to forget to bring with you when you go abroad, the list especially applies to those going to Italy!

School Supplies (pens, notebooks, etc.): School supplies are very expensive in Italy, it is best to bring the things you use for school ahead of time to avoid paying outrageous prices.

Tide packets/Tide to go: Italians typically wash things by hand. There are washers at the apartments, but they take about 2 hours per cycle. Furthermore, they are very harsh on your clothes. It is best to just wash things by hand. Tide packets are great to use to mix in a bucket of water to wash your clothes.

Wrinkle Releaser spray: If you are planning on bringing clothes that wrinkle easily, bring something like wrinkle releaser spray to help get rid of those wrinkles. Since everything has to be hung to dry your clothes are bound to get wrinkles. You could probably try and find an iron, but the spray is much easier to use.


Card games are so fun and a great way to meet friends

Portable charger: I’m sure you’ll be taking lots of photos during your trips, which drains your battery. Make sure you bring a reliable portable charger so your phone never dies.

Cards: Card games are so fun and a great way to meet friends. You won’t be traveling or doing something every single night, so having cards is a great way to hang out with other students. (FYI: There aren’t TV’s in the apartments)

Cold medicine: You are bound to get sick while you are abroad. The reality is not all medicine is the same around the world and when you are in a country where you cannot read the ingredients you’re better off having your own.

House slippers: The floors in Italy are tile so having slippers to walk around the house/apartment in makes a huge difference, trust me.

Reusable water bottle: This one is pretty self explanatory, but I would definitely recommend bringing a reusable water bottle with you. It’s super convenient to have, (especially when traveling) and reduces the amount of plastic bottles bought.

Melatonin: Melatonin was a lifesaver for me especially for the long plane and train rides. Additionally, it was helpful as I transitioned to sleeping in my new apartment. If you have trouble sleeping or transitioning when in a new place/new routine, bring melatonin.

Gelato will become a staple in your life

Gelato will become a staple in your life

Travel size containers: These come in clutch when you go on various trips throughout your time abroad. (Not every place you go will provide with toiletries). Instead of buying the travel size containers of specific items, just buy the generic empty bottles and fill them up when you plan on going somewhere.

Last, but most importantly not least, don’t forget to bring an appetite! Gelato will become a staple in your life while you are abroad in Italy. Take full advantage of it!

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Katherine Agey is an enterprise leadership major at the University of Iowa. A Des Moines, IA native, she's spending her semester in Italy on the USAC Reggio Emilia program