Unless your UI faculty host has made housing arrangements, you will need to be concerned about both an immediate place to stay and longer term housing. One short-term option is the Iowa House Hotel, an on-campus facility located in the Iowa Memorial Union.

As a visiting scholar, you can get a special discounted room rate. As rooms are not always available, you should make reservations beforehand by calling 319-335-3513 and asking for Kathy, or for information e-mail the hotel at iowahouse@uiowa.edu.

Housing Resources

While ISSS does not provide direct assistance in locating housing or roommates, several good resources are listed below. You can also refer to nationality organizations listed at the bottom of this page for assistance in finding available housing.

Your host department is often a good resource to help you find longer term housing. Some other sources of information are:

Average Rental Rates in Iowa City

  • Rental rates are subject to vary in the area based on proximity to campus, number of bedrooms, and other features. Rent can range from a few hundred dollars for an individual living in fairly sparse conditions, to $700-$1000 and higher for larger apartments and/or furnished apartments.
  • Utilities, such as electric service, cable television, and a land-line telephone are normally paid in addition to rent; water and sewage is usually part of the monthly rent, but you will want to make sure exactly what is covered before you sign a lease.

Know Your Rights as a Renter

Student Legal Services provides information to university students on their rights as renters, what to know before signing a lease, etc. While their office cannot provide assistance to scholars, their website still provides useful legal information.