International Student and Scholar Services is pleased to offer housing reserved for scholars. One and two bedroom furnished apartments are available on the first floor for reservations from one month up to one year. Once we receive your application, we will review whether any units are unoccupied and reply with a message indicating that your application has been accepted, waitlisted, or (if no units are available) denied.


Scholar Housing will be located in Mayflower Hall in Iowa City. The best way to get around campus is to use Cambus, the university's free bus system. Multiple bus routes serve Mayflower Hall.
See bus route schedules.


One bedroom apartment (12 available) – $900.00 per month*

Two bedroom apartment (2 available) – $1200.00 per month*

Room fees are assessed monthly to a scholar’s university bill.


Scholars may request housing through International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) as their official appointments are finalized. If space is available in Mayflower Hall during the desired dates, the scholar will be contacted to complete an online application and contract. Housing may be reserved for a minimum of one month and a maximum of one year (12 months). Scholars in need of housing longer than 1 year are encouraged to visit the Off Campus Living website for options:


Apartments are fully furnished with a loveseat and coffee table, desk and chair, double bed and dresser. The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, oven, refrigerator, pots, pans, and dishes. Bedroom and bathroom linens are also provided.


All utilities are included in the cost of the apartment: internet (wired and wireless), heat, water, gas, electric, sewer, trash removal, and recycling. Scholars are responsible for cleaning their apartments, laundry, and removal of all trash and recycling. Cable television is available, but scholars must provide a television and coax cable cord.

Hall Amenities

Mayflower Hall offers may amenities to residents during the school year: a workout facility, the Mayflower Market convenience store (commonly called the C-Store), and information technology center with computers and printers, study rooms, a game room, and 24-hour front desk. Cambus service is available to the hall on a rotating schedule.

Laundry machines are located on the upper floors of Mayflower Hall. Visiting scholars will have card access to the machines and will be responsible for associated costs ($1.75 to wash and $1.25 to dry). See instructions for operating the machines along with LaundryView.

Summer Considerations

Mayflower Hall is closed to students from mid-May until mid-August. Visiting scholars arriving in during June and July will need to make an appointment to check into the building and receive keys to their apartment. Staff will be on call in the event of an emergency, but the hall desk will be closed. Mail and packages will be available at Currier Hall during the summer months. There is no CAMBUS service during the summer break period (mid-May through mid-August). There is hourly, fare-free, Iowa City Transit service available (closest stops are at Park Road).

Scholar Families

Family members of a visiting scholar may also stay in the apartment if they have appropriate visas. School-aged children may reside in Mayflower Hall, however, the visiting scholar is responsible for paying Iowa City School District tuition. Please inquire for more information.