Virtual Homecoming is a chance to keep the Hawkeye spirit alive by sharing a "homecoming message" with the UI community, regardless of where you are in the world.

UI alumni shared messages, below, of their memories from their time at Iowa. The messages were shared with campus during Homecoming week (October 23-29, 2022).

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newspaper photo of two men enjoying Hawkeye game
"Go hawks!!! I wish I could be there this year but have a business trip planned. I will definitely be attending in 2023 and look forward to reliving some of the best times of my life."   
David Draper, Chapel Hill, NC
paraglider over mountains
"Go Hawkeyes."
Siming Huang, Beijing, China
TeWang Tsiao and friend sitting at table with Hawkeye gear
"Homecoming kickoff was my first football experience, and since then I never missed any Hawkeye games with my Mayflower roommate. This year is my 30th anniversary of graduation and 1990-1992 UI life contributes the most precious memory in my life!"
TeWang (John) Hsiao, TaoYuan City, Taiwan, Republic of China
Liyang Zhang in graduation cap and gown
"Go hawks! My best four years!"
Liyang Zhang, Redwood City, CA
Dora Francisca Edu-Buandoh in Hawkeye gear
"Happy Homecoming Hawkeyes!!! Being a Hawkeye has been a memorable experience. I remember living in Hawkeye Court and sharing good times with other international students. I was privileged to be elected the President of the African Students Association. It was a responsibility that equipped me very well for the leadership positions I occupied later in my career. I am grateful to Professors Anne Dipardo, Carolyn Colvin, Gail Boldt, Heriberto Godina, Aimee Carrile-Rowe and many others. Forever grateful to Agnes Deraad who edited and formatted my PhD thesis for me. I miss my rhetoric students, my friends Liz Hollingworth, Edudzi Etsey etc, the Korean Baptist Church in Iowa City, and all the good people who welcomed me to Iowa City and made me part of the Hawkeye family. Go Hawks!!!"
Dora Francisca Edu-Buandoh, Cape Coast, Ghana
Mingyi Uni Su with friend on UI football field
"Wherever you are, we are in this together! I was part of the 2014 homecoming council, nothing is better than participating in the homecoming week planning! Sending love from Sydney."  
Mingyi (Uni) Su, Sydney, Australia
Daniel Delgado Saldivar with children
"I was there 45 years ago. Those years at Iowa City and the University of Iowa shaped my joy and my future. They will shape yours, too, and be assured that 50 years from now you'll look back to this year and will be proud of having been there!"
Daniel Delgado-Saldivar, Hermosillo, México
Janet and Ken Ploen
"We both remember the football era of the 50's and the highlight was the 1957 Rose Bowl game. We wish the Hawkeyes all the best in their season this year and Happy Homecoming to everyone."
Ken and Janet Ploen, Winnipeg, Canada  
Juan Castro in hawkeye hat with scarf around face
"Once a Hawkeye! Always a Hawkeye!!! Go Hawks!!!!"  
Juan Castro, Bogotá, Colombia
Emperatriz Arreaza-Camero
"The time spent in Iowa as a Fulbright graduate student (1988-1993) was the best time of my academic and personal life. I shared these experiences with my three sons (at that time all teenagers). For us Iowa was and still is HEAVEN. Congratulations to all the University of Iowa students, and have a very nice and blessed homecoming."  
Emperatriz Arreaza-Camero, Maracaibo, Venezuela


outline of Japan with Hawkeye
"My memories about UI are great! Go Hawks!"
Tetsuya Fujiwara, Eiheiji, Japan  
shanghai skyline
"I really miss the time with all of my best friends in Iowa! It doesn't matter that we live in different countries, we are all Hawkeyes forever! "
Ruilin Pei, Shanghai, China