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International Health Insurance

The University of Iowa mandates international health insurance for all UI students travelling abroad for educational purposes — studying abroad, interning, conducting research, performing a rotation, presenting at a conference, or any other educationally-related activity abroad.*  This “blanket” insurance coverage is provided through Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).  The Iowa Regents Universities policy number is 19 GLM N04965085.  The cost is $1.31 per day, and there is a 7-day minimum coverage period. Main policy features include the following:

Medical Expense        $500,000 per accident or sickness
Pre-existing Conditions Coverage   $100,000
Mental & Nervous Illness (per lifetime) $20,000 inpatient; $10,000 outpatient
Prescription Drugs (in/outpatient) 100% of eligible expenses
Emergency Medical Evacuation 100% of covered expenses
Security Evacuation (natural disaster/political unrest) $100,000
Repatriation of Remains 100% of covered expenses
24-7 Assistance Services from CISI Team Assist Call +1-312-935-1703 (outside US)
Call 1-855-327-1411 (within US)

*The Regents health insurance is, however, not intended for personal travel (i.e., vacation) outside of the dates when students are travelling for a University of Iowa purpose.  Students who choose to include personal travel immediately before or after their University of Iowa related travel may - and are strongly encouraged to - purchase a separate coverage plan directly from the insurance provider.  Please see the section entitled Extension of Coverage for Personal Travel, below, for further instructions.

Iowa Regents CISI Insurance Policy Details and Claim Form

Insurance plan FAQ

Registration & Billing Process

For UI students participating in UI Study Abroad credit-bearing programs:  The cost of the insurance is typically billed to you as a separate charge on your U-bill. Check with your UI Study Abroad advisor for details. Enrollment in the insurance will happen automatically and coverage dates will correspond to the program dates.

For UI students travelling abroad under the auspices of the University of Iowa for something other than a credit-bearing program: All students in this category, including graduate and professional students, must complete a Student Travel Abroad Registration Form.  Your travel plans will be added to the UI Travel Registry and this will allow for your subsequent enrollment in the Iowa Regents CISI insurance policy for the period of time indicated on the form (vacation dates are not covered — see "Extension of Coverage for Personal Travel" below for further details).  The cost of the insurance will be charged to your U-bill. Depending on the purpose of your travel abroad, additional forms or procedures may be required. Check the Travel Registration section for additional guidance.

Domestic Health Insurance Plans 

CISI travel insurance provides primary health insurance while you’re abroad. Domestic insurance plans can be very difficult to use overseas and typically do not cover things like medical evacuations — hence the need for an international coverage plan.   While your domestic plan will not be considered primary during international travel, do not let your domestic insurance coverage lapse while you are out of the country since any medical condition which might develop while abroad could be considered a “pre-existing condition” when you seek care after your return to the U.S. 

Double Coverage

We recognize that in some cases students will end up with double coverage while they’re abroad.  Since benefits and coverage limits can vary, the University of Iowa requires enrollment in the Iowa Regents Universities international insurance policy for students travelling under the auspices of the University.  This ensures a standard level of coverage for all predictable levels of support that can be accessed if needed during an emergency response. A student participating in an external non-Iowa program may be required by the program provider to enroll in a separate insurance policy that provider will consider primary coverage while abroad. The Iowa Regents CISI policy will still remain in effect and will not be waived under any circumstances. On rare occasions, an external program provider may waive their policy coverage if they consider the Iowa Regents Universities CISI policy to be sufficient. Please note that comparing the provisions of two policies rarely leads to the unilateral conclusion that one is "stronger" than the other in all areas, so double coverage is often the norm for students studying abroad on external programs.

Purchase of Coverage for Personal Travel

Your Iowa Regents CISI insurance coverage dates will correspond to the study abroad dates of your program. If you will participate in two programs or sessions abroad, we strongly encourage you to contact CISI to seek a separate coverage policy for the interim period.

Students who choose to travel independently immediately before or after their study abroad program may also purchase a separate coverage plan directly from CISI through the CISI student portal. The online portal works especially well for setting up coverage for an extended stay abroad after your program ends. If you are trying to set up separate coverage for the time you will spend abroad immediately before your program starts, the timing may mean that your enrollment in the Iowa Regents CISI policy has not been fully processed yet.  If that is the case, then the online CISI portal won't be available to you yet, but you can still call CISI directly (800-303-8120) for help setting up a separate coverage plan for the days you are abroad prior to your program start.  If you call CISI to set the extension up, make sure to let CISI know that you will be enrolled in the Iowa Regents University Policy: 19 GLM N04965085.

Travel abroad exclusively for personal reasons is not covered under the Iowa Regents CISI policy. Students travelling abroad for personal reasons are encouraged to purchase independent travel risk insurance. Travel risk insurance for personal travel can be pursued online, or with the assistance of a travel agency. Meacham Travel is an example of a local travel agency that may be able to assist with personal travel plans unrelated to your enrollment at UI.

If you have questions about insurance coverage or enrollment that are not addressed above, please contact us.