Working remotely is now more relevant than ever. The Education Abroad Network's (TEAN) Global Remote Internship provides real-world, international work experience in a variety of fields plus university credit from the convenience of your home. During the summer complete a 4- or 8-week internship that you do individually or as part of a group. In the fall or spring semesters, complete a 16-week part-time individual internship. Work on a project from start to finish for a company located in Australia or Asia learning about the unique challenges and flexibility that being part of a remote team provides. Though online, the program is still fully supported by TEAN and the local internship coordinator. TEAN will guide you through the entire process, advising which position is best for your major, leading a Virtual Orientation, helping transfer credits and more. 

Though online, the program is still fully supported by TEAN and the local internship coordinator. TEAN will guide you through the entire process, advising which position is best for your major, leading a Virtual Orientation, helping transfer credits and more.

Contact: Monica Ernberger |

Application Deadline

November 1 for Spring 2021
April 30 for Summer 2021


Varies (see below) + University of Iowa Study Abroad fees*


Varies (see below)

Spring 2021

Individual Placement (Part-Time 16-weeks)

  • TEAN Orientation: Jan 7
  • Placement dates: Jan 11- Apr 30

Individual Placement  (Full-Time 8-Weeks)

  • TEAN Orientation: Jan 7
  • Placement Dates: Jan 11 - Mar 5

Team-Based Placement 

TEAN Orientation: Jan 5

  • Project Starts Jan 11
  • 4-Week Program Ends Feb 5
  • 8-Week Program Ends Mar 5


Summer 2021

Individual Placement 

Placement Starts June 7 - July 30

Team-Based Placement 

  • Project Starts June 7
  • 4-Week Program Ends July 2
  • 8-Week Program Ends July 30


 UI study abroad fees*


4-week Team-Based Placement: $1,875 +  UI study abroad fees*
8-week Team-Based Placement: $2,025 +  UI study abroad fees*
8-week Individual Full-Time Placement: $2,450 +  UI study abroad fees*
16-week Individual Part-Time Placement: $2,450 +  UI study abroad fees*


4-week Team-Based Placement: $1,875 +  UI study abroad fees*
8-week Team-Based Placement: $2,025 +  UI study abroad fees*
8-week Individual Full-Time Placement: $2,450 +  UI study abroad fees*

*The cost of these programs goes through your University of Iowa UBill.

What's Included

  • Internship Placement (Individual or Group Project)
  • Academic Credit (credits on a Carroll College transcript)
  • Interactive Virtual Orientation
  • Services of TEAN staff and local internship support staff
  • Professional mentorship or career coach
  • Virtual workshops, videos, and assessments,
  • Facilitated meetings with the company (group projects)
  • Digital Badges for LinkedIn and Completion Certificate (group projects)
  • Weekly meetings with a supervisor for ongoing feedback and direction (individual placements)
  • Career Readiness Course with Digital Badges for LinkedIn (individual placements)

What's Not Included

You will be responsible for ensuring you have what you need to work remotely, such as a computer and reliable internet access.


Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Japan, India and Vietnam


All applicants are expected to have an appropriate academic background related to the internship placement duties. Students who have completed at least one year of university work and have GPAs above 2.5 will be eligible for most internships.


3-6 credits are possible for summer and 4 credits for fall or spring

Individual Placement

Be individually placed in an 8-week internship where you’ll work on a specific project from beginning to end at a company located in Asia in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Japan, India or Vietnam. We will help advise on which locations will be the best fit for your major. There are some industry limitations – if your field is not listed below please contact us to check availability.

Marketing and Communications

Work for an agency or in-house at a corporation while focusing on a specific project. Tasks can include writing, content marketing, account management and media relations.

Business/International Business

Experience working for a company project involving business development, analysis, sales, market research, evaluating risk, project planning, vetting new opportunities and more.

Environment and Sustainability

Start building a successful career in environmental or sustainability-focused organizations, working with a company analyzing environmental and economic impacts.


Be involved in finance-related projects such as analyzing the feasibility of funding start-ups, or taking an analyst role looking at demand forecasting and cash flow modeling.

Software/Data Science

Practice user testing, data analysis, algorithmic review, product management, and more.


Assist a tourism company with its current marketing or logistics initiatives, such as implementing or improving processes, vendor management and business development.


Work with an active social impact enterprise supporting its current projects, such as using technology to rescue, rehabilitate and relocate girls at risk of violence.


Intern with a law firm supporting current projects, such as forming partnerships and strategic alliances or implementing patent and trademark docket strategies, or as a legal assistant.

Creative/Graphic Design

Unleash your creativity with design projects ranging from interior design, graphics and branding for display and marketing purposes, 3D design, CAD modeling and more.

How it Works

First, take a look through the above information including career fields, program fees and dates and then read below to learn about next steps. If you have any questions contact us. The TEAN Internships Team along with our placement team will guide you through the entire process.

1. Apply

Apply online when you are ready. Make sure to meet the application deadline. See program dates above.

2. Phone/Skype interview

Once TEAN receives your application we’ll be in contact to interview you. We’ll also provide some guidance on preparing your resume and cover letter that will be used to introduce you to possible internship placements.

3. Confirm your place with a deposit

After your initial conversation with one of the TEAN Internships team members, you’ll be requested to pay your program deposit. Once your deposit is paid, TEAN will begin the process of securing your internship placement. This deposit is fully refundable if you are not placed in an internship or if your university will not accept the transfer credit from the internship course (which is required). Read the full internship refund policy here.

4. Internship placement

Our placement team will collaborate with you to ensure we secure a suitable placement related to your interests. Upon securing a placement, you will be provided with an Internship Placement Profile that includes a description of your internship project.

5. Acceptance

You will confirm your place by submitting your signed Internship Profile Placement by the given deadline. At this point, TEAN will send your final invoice and give you details on your program orientation, ensuring you have everything you need by the program start date.

Other Details

Academic Credit

TEAN has partnered with Carroll College in Helena, Montana, to offer a U.S. transcript and award 6 academic credits for summer 8-week programs and 3 academic credits for summer 4-week programs. Semester based programs are for 4 credits. Students will be enrolled in SA425: International Internship. Credit awarded will be based on the successful completion of the individual placement or group project. Academic credit is included in this program and includes a transcript with an A-F letter grade from Carroll College.

To be eligible for transfer credit from Carroll College, participants must be full-time students who have completed at least 30 credit hours or recent graduates from a bachelor degree program. Learn more about Carroll College at

TEAN Orientation

TEAN’s Orientation will be held virtually for all internship participants before the projects or placements start. This interactive orientation session will provide you with an online experience that will prepare you for interning remotely including details on how working for your chosen company in a different country will be, what to expect, how to ask for help and advocate for what you need to do a good job, how to take initiative, how to deal with a remote environment and different time zones, how to schedule your day and more.

Application Deadlines

TEAN has a rolling admissions process. We recommend submitting your application for the Summer program anytime starting from November. Late applications may be considered. Contact TEAN if the application deadline has passed.