IES has been offering quality, part-time internships for nearly 60 years and full-time internships with the introduction of IES Internships in 2013. And now, they’re bringing the internships to you with the IES® Virtual Internship Program. You tell IES which term you want to go, what you would like to do, if you have a preference of where your employer is located (one of several IES Abroad host cities), how many hours you want to work (between 10 and 32 per week), and IES makes the arrangements. You get the same hands-on (just not literally), professional experience you'd get abroad, while also gaining the remote working skills that are oh-so-important right now, plus an international component to boot.

Contact: Monica Ernberger |

Application Deadline

Summer: March 15, 2021
Fall: May 13, 2021


Spring 2021: February 15 - May 14
Summer 2021: May 31 - July 23


$1,995 + UI Admin fee for 3 credits; $2,295 + UI Admin fee for 6 credits


While working remotely, you enroll in a virtual three-credit academic internship seminar along with other IES interns. Topics include:

  • Understanding business culture
  • Improving communication in the virtual workplace
  • Strengthening work attitude and aptitude
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Navigating issues, challenges, and opportunities so you can succeed on the job in the future