CEA is proud to announce its new opportunity for students to engage in a 3-credit, supervised international work experience and build their global career readiness competencies while staying close to home. Intern and stay home this summer!

Virtual internships abroad offer you the opportunity to gain valuable résumé experience, build a global professional network, and expand your skillset while staying local this summer. Offered across 10 cities in eight countries around the world, CEA’s virtual internships abroad allow you to boost your career path and add skills that will set you apart from candidates once you graduate and enter the job market.

Whether you’re majoring in business, journalism, finance, arts, marketing, or another field, CEA offers a range of virtual internship abroad placements designed to suit your interests.

Contact: Monica Ernberger | monica-ernberger@uiowa.edu

Application Deadline

April 2 for Summer 2021
July 12 for Fall 2021


Summer: June 15 - August 13, 2021
Fall: mid-September 2021 - mid-November 2021


Barcelona, Spain

Spain’s second-largest city offers an ideal blend of the historic and modern, including the chance to interact within an innovative technology start-up community. The virtual internship in Barcelona allows you to develop practical skills in fields such as business, design, marketing, communication, and more.

Sevilla, Spain

Build marketable skills and gain résumé-boosting experience while interning for an organization in Seville, a city that offers a down-to-earth work approach and lifestyle, as well as a multitude of meaningful and impactful internship opportunities. The CEA virtual internship in Seville allows you to develop practical skills in fields such as marketing, management, finance, communication, and more.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Boasting one of the largest economies in Latin America, Buenos Aires is a major industrial and commercial center and an ideal place to complete a virtual internship. The virtual internship in Buenos Aires program allows you to develop practical skills in fields such as business, communication, journalism, marketing, and more.

Sydney, Australia

Say “g’day” to your coworkers in Sydney, one of the largest business hubs in the Pacific Basin, while interning through CEA to explore your career options and start building a successful future. The virtual internship in Sydney program allows you to make steady progress toward your degree while developing practical skills in fields like finance, visual & digital arts, business, NGO/non-profits, communication, marketing, public relations, and more.

Czech Republic, Prague

Gain résumé-boosting experience and acquire marketable skills while interning with an organization located in one of Central Europe’s economic and cultural capitals. Virtual internships in Prague encourage you to understand the local culture while developing practical skills in fields such as marketing, management, journalism, communication, international relations, and more.

Paris, France

Paris, a city renowned for being home to countless creatives and free thinkers, sets the scene for a rewarding virtual internship catered to a variety of majors. Designed for students of all language levels who want to distinguish themselves in an evolving global marketplace, the virtual internship in Paris allows you to develop practical skills in fields such as business, communication, marketing, international relations, the arts and more.

San Jose, Costa Rica

Learn about a country renowned for its amazing biodiversity (home to 5% of the world's known species) and its rich culture. The virtual internship in San José allows you to make steady progress toward your academic degree while developing practical skills in fields such as visual arts, finance, marketing, and more.

Dublin, Ireland

Spend your Summer 2020 interning for a company located in the historic city of Dublin, a city that’s home to thousands of international companies as well as many start-ups that give students access to businesses that champion innovation and make an impact on the global stage. The virtual internship in Dublin allows you to develop practical skills in fields such as marketing, management, finance, and more.

Rome, Italy

Rome’s rich history serves as a backdrop for contemporary work environments that are diverse and dynamic. The virtual internship in Rome program allows you to develop practical skills in fields such as business, marketing, communication, international relations, and more.

Florence, Italy

From fashion houses to design companies to major wine labels, Florence hosts world-renowned brands, small and family businesses, and traditional artisan workshops. The virtual internship in Florence program allows you to develop practical skills in fields such as marketing, public relations, design, and more. Our strong academic focus and personalized placements dedicated to meaningful experiences that make a real impact, allow you to give your career a boost while gaining the global experience you’ve been seeking at an affordable price.

Virtual Internship Abroad Program Structure

Ready to gain global experience while staying local this summer? CEA’s virtual internship program includes an online academic seminar and a virtual internship placement. Your internship work schedule may vary depending on industry standards for your career field and time difference, and will be determined prior to your start date.

The summer virtual internship abroad includes an online seminar that you’ll complete independently and through virtual check-ins for a total of 22 contact hours and minimum 120 hours at your virtual internship placement over 6 weeks. Together, your online seminar and virtual internship placement are worth 3 credits.

Prior to submitting your application, you will select the internship option that works best for you. We strongly recommended that you apply as soon as possible, as the deadline to apply is May 1. Internship positions are selective; students who demonstrate high levels of discipline, initiative, verbal and oral communication skills, motivation, and flexibility throughout the process are most successful in securing placements.

The virtual internship placement process involves three video interviews: a screening interview with your Internship Coach, a job placement interview with your virtual internship coordinator, and a final interview with your host site supervisor. The host site retains the final decision regarding placements, so it’s important that your interviews reflect your maturity, adaptability, curiosity, and commitment to both your career interests and the host organization.

Upon successfully completing your virtual placement coordinator interview, CEA guarantees you a placement based on the personal, professional, and cross-cultural goals reflected in your interview. All placements will be secured two weeks prior to beginning your internship. Upon placement, you'll automatically be enrolled in your online internship seminar course.