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Mandatory Study Abroad Administrative Fees

Mandatory Study Abroad Administrative Fees

We are sometimes asked why UI Study Abroad charges a fee. Nearly all institutions of higher education charge fees to cover a wide array of expenses; sometimes these are included in tuition, and sometimes they are grouped into other categories. Unlike some other universities, UI does not take money from your tuition bill to support study abroad.

The chart below outlines the administrative fee associated with all programs. UI programs will be assessed $400 + 17% of tuition, thus the fee is different based on the number of credit hours you receive and whether or not you pay resident or non-resident tuition. Exchanges and non-UI programs are billed a flat $400 fee per program/semester. Students participating in exchanges pay UI tuition and fees (based on the college they are currently enrolled in).

What the Fee Covers

  • Developing and implementing a variety of educational programs, information sessions, pre-departure events, and special interest groups for students who have returned from study abroad.
  • Working closely with faculty and administrators to develop Iowa study abroad programs, allowing Iowa to offer faculty-led programs all over the world.
  • Maintaining relationships with international partners on four continents who provide educational opportunities for our students on a wide variety of campuses.
  • Evaluating potential programs for affiliation and monitoring currently Iowa partner programs.
  • Producing informational materials on study abroad for students, faculty, and administrators.
  • Advising undergraduate and graduate students on their particular learning goals, a huge variety of programs, and all phases of the study abroad process.
  • Providing pre-departure orientation for every student covering topics as diverse as financial aid, credit transfer, and how to effectively plan for a safe and healthy trip abroad.
  • Registering students so they can maintain their Iowa enrollment status while abroad.
  • Maintaining contact as needed with all students abroad.
  • 24/7 emergency response.
  • Registering students in the U.S. Department of State's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) if program provider does not offer this service.
  • Facilitating the transfer of credit once students return to campus.
  • Working with offices such as Financial Aid, Student Life, and First-Year Programs to help facilitate the study abroad experience for as many Iowa students as possible.

Study Abroad Administrative Fees, Effective Fall 2018 

Program Session Hours Fee (Resident) Fee (Non-Resident)


1 $455 $455
UI short-term 2 $510 $510
UI short-term 3 $565 $565
UI short-term 4 $620 $620
UI short-term 5 $675 $1,453
UI short-term 6 $730 $1,664
UI short-term 7 $786 $1,874
UI short-term 8 $841 $2,085
UI short-term 9 $896 $2,296
UI short-term 10 $951 $2,506
UI short-term 11 $1,006 $2,717
UI semester 12 $1,060 $2,928
UI semester-exchange 12 $400 $400
Non-UI any (per program/semester) any $400 $400

Mandatory Travel Insurance For UI Students Traveling Abroad

All students studying abroad are automatically enrolled in mandatory international travel insurance. The current cost for this international travel insurance can be found on the Health Insurance Information page. The insurance cost appears as a separate charge on the U-Bill, typically posting one or two weeks prior to the start date of the study abroad program.

Additional information may be found on the International Programs website under Health Insurance Information and International Travel Insurance Plan FAQs for UI Students.