Even if you have not yet declared a major, there are still many study abroad opportunities for you. Studying abroad as an open major is a unique opportunity to explore potential paths for your major.

And if you’re already leaning toward a major, you have the chance to gain a new perspective on that interest. You can use time abroad to fulfill a variety of goals and courses, taking the opportunity to explore potential majors or fulfill foreign language and general education requirements.

Exposure to new people, places, and cultures may enliven new interests in you—the histories, politics, arts, technologies, and geographies (this list could go on) of places different from home could lead you to choosing your major. Courses offered abroad will have a different point of view from those at the UI, so who knows what you might discover? You might be surprised to find a new source of passion!

The key to studying abroad as an open major is to speak to your advisor in the Academic Advising center and also to an advisor in the Study Abroad office. Together you will look over your academic interests and goals to lay out a plan that will keep you on track to graduate on time.