The Bedell World Experience Asia Scholarship will be awarded to an eligible undergraduate student wishing to study in a geographical area where Japanese, Chinese, or Korean is the primary language. This competitive, merit-based scholarship is designed for undergraduate students who are native residents of Iowa and propose to study for at least one semester in one of the areas listed above. In addition to the merit component, successful applicants will also show demonstrated financial need.

One (1) $1,000 Bedell World Experience Asia Scholarship will be awarded for a semester-length or academic year program.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must:

  • be an undergraduate, full-time, degree-seeking UI student in good academic standing
  • have completed at least 12 semester hours by the application deadline
  • demonstrated financial need per UI Award Letter
  • have 3.33 UI cumulative GPA as reported on the unofficial UI grade report
  • be a native Iowa resident (native residents of Iowa is defined as an individual who was born in Iowa and has spent the majority of his/her/their life in Iowa - as per donor's request)
  • plan to study in a geographic area where Japanese, Chinese, or Korean is the primary language for at least one semester

Selection procedure and criteria

  • academic and personal objectives which are clearly defined and realistic
  • academic achievement and preparation
  • quality and completeness of the essay submissions
  • contribution of the study abroad experience to the student's overall academic program
  • the anticipated impact of studying abroad as an Iowan
  • evidence of maturity, motivation, and adaptability to a different cultural environment

Application Procedure

Students may enroll in a formal academic study abroad program sponsored by the University of Iowa or another accredited US university or exchange organization or may enroll directly in a foreign university. Students who meet the requirements listed above are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. The application packet includes the application form, two essays (Statement of Proposed Study and Personal Statement (each 750 words or less), UI Award Letter, and an unofficial grade report (both available from MyUI), and two letters of reference (UI faculty/Teaching Assistants).

To apply for this merit scholarship, complete ONE Semester Merit Scholarship Cover Sheet and ONE Semester Merit Scholarship Application, marking the scholarship along with any other requirement(s) listed specific to the scholarship. This process will result in the submission of ONE application, required essays, required reference letters, and grade report. Incomplete application packets will NOT be accepted.

Cover Sheet and Application

Submission Deadline

Spring 2023 - Thursday, October 13

Fall 2023 - TBA

The final deadline listed for the corresponding application submission is the date listed above. No applications will be accepted after this deadline!