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CAPS has over 30 affiliated faculty teaching over 200 courses of Asian languages and cultures in different departments and colleges. Through fundraising and external grants, CAPS has played an active role in increasing the number of faculty with expertise in Asia, encouraging course development, and promoting study abroad programs in Asia.  

CAPS regularly sponsors lectures, seminars and workshops that bring prominent scholars to campus to share their research with University of Iowa students and faculty.

Living Religions of the East
Course # ASIA: 1040:0AAA 
9:30A - 10:20A MW 106 GILH 
Instructors: Morten Schlutter (Primary Instructor)

Food Body & Belief: A Global Perspective
KORE: 2674:0001; RELS: 2674:0001; GHS:2674:0001    
3:30P - 4:45P TTh 313 PH  
Instructors: Hyaeweol Choi

Chinese History from 1600 to 1911
HIST: 3650:0001     
11:00A - 12:15P TTh  3 SH
Instructors: Shuang Chen (Primary Instructor)

The History That Made Our World: The Silk Road: A History of Cultural and Material Exchange
HIST: 1016:0002
2:00P - 3:15P TTh 75 SH 
Instructors: Shuang Chen (Primary Instructor)

Civilizations Asia: China 17th Century to Present
ASIA: 1602:0AAA 
10:30A - 11:20A MW W151 PBB 
Instructors: Matthew Noellert (Primary Instructor)

Modern Korean History
ASIA: 3685:0001    
12:30P - 1:45P TTh 3 SH 
Instructors: Alyssa Park (Primary Instructor)

Social Media and Society
COMM: 2070:0001    
11:00A - 12:15P TTh E126 AJB 
Instructors: Jiyeon Kang (Primary Instructor)

Environment and Culture
ANTH: 3103:0001    
3:30P - 4:45P TTh 27 MH 
Instructors: Scott Schnell (Primary Instructor)

Anthropology of Religion
ANTH: 3114:0001    
11:00A - 12:15P TTh 27 MH 
Instructors: Scott Schnell (Primary Instructor)

Anthropology & Contemporary World Problems
ANTH: 2100:0AAA
11:00A - 11:50A TTh 100 PH 
Instructors: Cynthia Chou (Primary Instructor)

Introduction to Asian Politics: China
POLI: 1445:0AAA 
11:30A - 12:20P MW 40 SH 
Instructors: Yu Wang (Primary Instructor)

Chinese Politics and Society
POLI: 3408:0001    
12:30P - 1:45P TTh 14 SH 
Instructors: Yu Wang (Primary Instructor)

Asian Art and Culture
2:00P - 3:15P TTh 112 ABW 
Instructors: Amy Huang (Primary Instructor)

Introduction to the Art of China
11:00A - 12:15P TTh 112 ABW 
Instructors: Amy Huang (Primary Instructor)

Chinese Character Writing & Calligraphy
CHIN: 1800:0001    
5:00P - 7:30P T W305 VAN 
Instructors: Helen Shen (Primary Instructor)

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language I
CHIN: 7401:0001    
5:30P - 8:00P W 172 VAN 
Instructors: Chuanren Ke (Primary Instructor)

Ghosts & the Weird in PreMod Chinese Lit
5:00P - 6:15P MW 25 PH 
Instructors: Newell Ann Van Auken (Primary Instructor)

Modern Japanese Fiction in Translation
CL: 3203:0001    
11:00A - 12:15P TTh 168 VAN 
Instructors: Kendall Heitzman (Primary Instructor)

Wrkshp in Japanese Literary Translation
JPNS: 3201:0001    
Aug 19, 2019 - Oct 25, 2019
5:00P - 7:30P T 205 PH 
Arranged Time Arranged Location
Instructors: Kendall Heitzman (Primary Instructor)

Asian Humanities: Japan
JPNS: 1506:0002
3:30P - 4:45P TTh 40 SH 
Instructors: Kendall Heitzman (Primary Instructor)

Japan: Culture and Communication
JPNS: 3402:0001    
3:30P - 4:45P MW 476 PH 
Instructors: Yumiko Nishi (Primary Instructor)

Conversational Chinese I
Aug 26, 2019 - Oct 16, 2019
4:30P - 5:20P MW 19 PH 
Instructors: Caolimeng Wuxiha (Primarye instructor)

First-Year Chinese: First Semester
CHIN: 1111:0001    
10:30A - 11:20A MTWThF 143 SH 
Instructors: Yanglin Lu (Team Teacher), Sicheng Wang (Team Teacher), Amy Wu (Team Teacher)

Second-Year Chinese: First Semester
CHIN:2101:0002; Prerequisites: CHIN:1112 more
10:30A - 11:20A MTWThF 317 PH 
Instructors: Yuan Lu (Primary Instructor), Ryann Jiang (Team Teacher), Sicheng Wang (Team Teacher)

Fourth-Year Chinese: First Semester
CHIN:4103:0001; Prerequisites: CHIN:3102
12:30P - 1:45P TTh 476 PH 
Instructors: Yuan Lu (Primary Instructor)

Fifth-Year Chinese: First Semester
3:30P - 4:45P MW 442 EPB 
Instructors: Yuan Lu (Primary Instructor)

First-Year Japanese: First Semester
JPNS: 1001:0001    
9:30A - 10:20A MTWThF 67 VAN 
Instructors: Nana Onishi (Primary Instructor)

Second-Year Japanese: First Semester
JPNS:2001:0001    Course Title is
Prerequisites: JPNS:1002 more
11:30A - 12:20P MTWThF 167 VAN 
Instructors: Noriko Higashitani (Primary Instructor)

Third-Year Japanese I
JPNS: 3001:0001; Prerequisites: JPNS:2002
1:30P - 2:20P MTWTh 468 PH 
Instructors: Yuki Shimizu (Primary Instructor)

Japanese for Travelers
JPNS: 1030:0001 
5:00P - 6:50P T 464 PH 
Instructors: Kosuke Ogaki (Primary Instructor)

Fourth-Year Japanese I
JPNS:4001:0001    , Prerequisites: JPNS:3002
3:30P - 4:45P TTh 464 PH 
Instructors: Noriko Higashitani (Primary Instructor)

Japanese for Professional Purposes I
JPNS: 3500:0001    
Prerequisites: JPNS:3001 with a minimum grade of C
5:00P - 6:15P MW 476 PH 
Instructors: Yumiko Nishi (Primary Instructor)

First-Year Korean: First Semester
KORE: 1101:0002    
12:30P - 1:20P MTWTh 212 PH 
Instructors: Joung-A Park (Primary Instructor)

Second-Year Korean: First Semester
KORE: 2101:0002    
Prerequisites: KORE: 1102
9:30A - 10:20A MTWTh E238 AJB 
Instructors: Joung-A Park (Primary Instructor)

Beginning Chinese I
CHIN: 1115:0001
 5:00P - 6:15P TTh 319 PH 
Instructors: Mengtian Chen (Primary Instructor)

Beginning Chinese II
CHIN: 1116:0001    
Beginning Chinese II
5:00P - 6:15P MW 472 PH 
Instructors: Runqing Qi (Primary Instructor)


CAPS sponsors student and faculty research on Asia by providing grants to graduate students for dissertation research and to faculty for research related expenses. CAPS supports UI faculty and students to attend and present their research at Association of Asian Studies Annual Meeting.

Visiting Scholars and Research Fellows

CAPS hosts visiting scholars from Asia and research scholars of Asian studies in the U. S. Visiting scholars pursue their academic research with funding from their home institutions. Scholars are provided with office space, access to the library’s collections, and assistance with finding housing. Currently, CAPS hosts the following visiting fellows from East Asia and the U. S.

Yan Lei
Yan Lei is an associate professor of linguistics teaching modern Chinese language at Guangxi College of Education. Her research focus is on applied linguistics and second language acquisition.  Associate Professor, Teaching Modern Chinese Language, Guangxi College of Education.

Steve Renshaw
Dr. Steve Renshaw recently completed twenty years of research and teaching in Japan and returned to the US to join CAPS as a research fellow. His research looks into many aspects of Japanese culture and intercultural communication.

Wei Xue
Wei Xue is a vocal artist and assistant professor of School of Music Arts, Zhejiang University of Media and Communications. Her research is on opera studies.