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IP Academic Centers and Programs

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African Studies Program

The African Studies Program helps students gain a broader understanding of African history and contemporary life in Africa and provides an environment of cooperation and collaboration among students and faculty that leads to increased opportunities for research and teaching.

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Center for Asian and Pacific Studies

The Center for Asian and Pacific Studies promotes teaching, research, and outreach related to East and Southeast Asia, as well as the Pacific area. 

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European Studies Group

The European Studies Group at the UI coordinates research projects, lectures and panel discussions, a multidisciplinary curriculum, and other events focusing on European issues. 

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Iowa Global Health Network

The Iowa Global Health Network is an interdisciplinary group of scholars at the University of Iowa whose research and interests lie in the study of real world health problems and challenges. 

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King Sejong Institute

The King Sejong Institute is an educational institution which offers various Korean language and culture classes. Sponsored by the South Korean government, its purpose is to spread Korean language and culture throughout the world.

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Korean Studies Research Network

The Korean Studies Research Network (KoRN) aims to bring together scholars whose research focuses on Korea-related topics and to provide mentoring to the younger generation of scholars. 

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Latin American Studies Program

The Latin American Studies Program (LASP) at the University of Iowa fosters cross-disciplinary teaching and research on Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

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South Asian Studies Program

The South Asian Studies Program is devoted to the enhancement of instruction and research and the dissemination of knowledge about India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

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