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Quinn Hejlik

Cultural Experiences in Prague

Quinn Hejlik, a UI junior from Omaha, Neb., recently returned from studying abroad in Prague through the USAC program, which offered him an opportunity to learn Czech without any prior knowledge of the language. Quinn’s adventure began when he started learning Czech a week before his study abroad program. He understood that the Eastern European language would be difficult to learn, but he also knew it would be fascinating.
Adrien and the rest of the Iowa group stop for a picture in Petra

From Istanbul to Amman: Managing Study Abroad during a Hot Summer

Summer 2013 turned out to be more exciting than normal for the law school’s study abroad program. Professor Adrien K. Wing fielded several obstacles that prevented students from following their original itinerary, but in the end the new program went through as if it had been planned for months rather than days.
Making new friends in India

Citizen Diplomacy photo contest: You had me at {Hello}

Have you been on a mission trip? Hosted a foreign visitor in your home? Helped someone master the English language – or had them help you learn another? Did you visit another country with your family and make a new friend? Were you part of a semester abroad program? If you have participated in an activity (organized or casual) that helped you meet and interact with people from another part of the world, the U.S. Center for Citizen Diplomacy (USCCD) invites you to enter photographs as part of its photo contest.
Steps to studying abroad video

Steps to Studying Abroad (video)

Interested in studying abroad while at the University of Iowa? It’s never too early to begin preparing for a study abroad experience, and this video gives you an introduction to those first steps you should take.
Melanie Martin (right) holds an Iowa flag in Morocco

UI Students in Morocco

With increasing U.S. interest in the Middle East, as well as the importance of on-going political transitions in the region, some University of Iowa (UI) students find the opportunity to learn Arabic and study abroad there irresistible. Here are three UI students and their stories of studying in Morocco.

Avoiding Turkey

A group of University of Iowa law students was going to visit Turkey this summer to study the tension between Islam and secularism in that country’s legal and political systems. But those plans had to change once the tension between Islam and secularism exploded into political demonstrations that have rocked Istanbul since May and turned violent this week.
Laura Hampson in Peru

Your Brain on Study Abroad

Ask anyone who has ever studied abroad about the experience, and they'll say it changed their life. Turns out, international study actually changes students' brains. Going overseas, said Yuliya Kartoshkina, a doctoral student at the University of North Dakota, "rewires the brain."

Student Reflections on Race and Ethnicity: Iowa Regents Hispanic Institute

I knew I had to make studying abroad a reality even though I had the obstacle of being a first generation and underrepresented student on campus. The major worry I had was being able to afford the program. With the help of the Diversity Ambassador Scholarship and others I was able to make this dream a reality. While I was going through the process of ensuring the details of the trip I still could not believe I was actually flying out of North America. It actually did not hit me I was going to Spain until I had arrived to my host mother’s apartment and not my own in Iowa.